The Galaxy S21 could get the camera under the display. Samsung is testing it

End of tie, drops or ring. At least in the rmci phone from Samsung. As the first smartphone from a South Korean manufacturer, the front model under the display could get a top model for five years.

The post of the well-known niche Ice universe, who is currently familiar with the bottom of Samsung, appeared on Twitter. The claim is that the upcoming Galaxy S generation from Samsung could get a camera under the display. However, the South Korean manufacturer only considers this possibility and finds out the feasibility of such a function.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 could thus be the first smartphone equipped in this way, although there has been speculation about the possibility of having a camera under display in this year’s Galaxy Note 20. It is so possible that Samsung will eventually be introduced to another manufacturer.

However, Samsung is one of the leading display manufacturers and is one of the absolute tops in this field. Its OLED displays are among the best in the world and a number of competing smartphones are used. After all, however, the camera under the display will probably only be used for taking a selfie, advanced face recognition technology will probably be for such a hard-eyed person.

The camera under the display will undoubtedly be one of the future trends. Umon not only gave an improved design to the phone, the main thing would not prevent the use of the entire display area to display. The current trend is the display rings, which were preceded by minimized drops and display ties.

However, the technology of cameras under the display is not commercial, although the first prototypes appeared. One such device was introduced by Opsk (for example, see Cameras hidden under the pichz display, you can hardly notice them). Other characters work on the stone below the display.

However, for example, the representative of the Czech Xiaomi, who thus showed a prototype equipped in this way, let it be heard that at the same time the soft display with a high sweat of pixels per inch is dim so that enough light passes into the camera. The images would be of poor quality (for more, see Fixed cameras will not be like that, says Xiaomi).

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