The most expensive smartphone in the Czech Republic will cost 60,000 crowns. I have a disadvantage

In the Czech Republic, a smartphone with a flexible display will soon be officially sold. This is a new Mate Xs, ie an improved version of the first generation of flexible huaweie, which has not been released on the market. On the contrary, the new design will go on sale despite the limited availability of Google services due to the US embargo.

Huawei Mate Xs will go on sale in the Czech Republic on the 23rd day. The Samsung Galaxy Fold competitor will thus become the most powerful smartphone on the Czech market. The price of the second generation skldacho huaweie was set at 59,999 crowns at the start of sales, which is about six thousand CZK, not how many d Samsung for its revolutionary model.

In terms of design, Huawei chose a non-competitive Samsung approach for its model, which in the folded state protects the display inside the device and has a small external display. In the case of the Mate Xs model, as in the case of the original Mate X, the display of the external phone folds down and thus, when folded, forms its entire surface.

The design of the Mate Xs model is completely identical to the Mate X type; Huawei’s bag boasts a glued hinge design that washes the phone’s slots.

The eight-inch hinge of the expanded flexible display, the new design has only undergone a few long hardware changes. New here is a modern and powerful Kirin 990 processor, again there is no lack of 5G support, which we will not enjoy in the Czech Republic yet. Other equipment, including triple camera and battery assemblies with a capacity of 4,500 mAh, remains unchanged.

The new phone will hit the Czech market even though Huawei does not have two applications and services from Google in its new devices. Instead of Google Mobile Services and US application suites, Mate Xs has to rely on the newly introduced Huawei Mobile Services and its own application store, where the offer is significantly poor, not the dominant Google Play.

If this fact is not discouraged by the recipient, they will be able to pre-order Huawei Mate Xs in the period from 16th to 22nd. As part of the pre-order, customers will also receive a special leather case for their Mate Xs, which can protect the device from damage to the sensitive flexible display. The phone will be on sale only at the Huaweie e-shop and in sign stores in the Quadrio and Westfield Chodov shopping centers in Prague.

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