Velvet can save one of the biggest innovator smartphones

The new design can be a key factor for the launch of one of the biggest innovators in the field of smartphones. Gradually, information about the novelty is released, the performance should take place in the near future.

LG is a large concern, similar to its South Korean rival Samsung. Unlike him, LG is not very good in the smartphone business. Although its models are not bad at all and the prices are usually more pronounced than the competition, so sales do not match.

The character is one of the biggest innovators in the field of smartphones. Let’s change, for example, the first use of multi-core processors in smartphones, the first commercially available smartphone with a curved display, or the first local fingerprint on the device, which is still widely used today.

Only the technical page is one thing, design and marketing are also important for the shower. And here LG has lagged behind for a long time. Change this to a novelty about which LG will slowly turn out information, which indicates an early official premiere. We know the name of the news, the manufacturer chose Velvet.

LG thus attracted from marked with the help of mere psmen and slic. The Velvet model, by its name, means a change in strategy. Velvet in ethin means velvet, and that’s exactly what the novelty can have. So I was shiny and smooth. And so comfortable. What should I relate to ergonomics.

The novelty will be radically different from previous model characters. The front and back will have a symmetrical curve and a sharp edge. This can help a comfortable drain in your hand. The manufacturer also revealed something about the equipment. The main camera will have three lenses: two will be on the flat surface of the back of the phone, the other bag will protrude. To prevent this lens from falling off, it will be a protective metal frame. For example, the novelty on the table will probably not be stable due to this construction.

The rear of the camera will be supplemented by a flash. The dimensions of the individual eyes and the flash will have a downward trend. According to the manufacturer, what is visually known, reminiscent of the shape of a drop. LG has not yet revealed more about the news.

The company itself showed only nrtychystanho smartphone, but no Ice universe published a novelty in the whole beauty. It shows a really sleek smartphone that stumbles apart from the two model characters. It will probably have an unusually long screen, as we know from the new Sony smartphones.

The thermal premier at this time is not known. Due to the current situation, it is very likely that it will only take place online.

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