We tried the pull-out display on the smartphone. The motorcycles pull him out

TCL is one of the display giants and wants to do it with a smartphone. Also change the different variants of flexible displays. So far, these are only prototypes, but the company would like to introduce a type of skldacho smartphone this year.

We were able to try out TCL concepts in Barcelona during the MWC trade fair. As is well known, the coronavirus epidemic did not take place in the end, but TCL, together with Huawei and Honor, did not cancel their accompanying events in Barcelona.

TCL conceived the presentation of the chambers, in the private space it showed the products essentially individually. There was something to be seen, but it imposed signs of an embargo on it. This ended now for prototypes, for the production of TCL 10 smartphones, and by April, we will also introduce them later. It is paradoxically that the company announced the phones and showed them very briefly in January at the MWC trade fair. The world premiere, ie the full-fledged one, was supposed to take place at the MWC trade fair, but the situation simply changed.

Skldac prototypes showed TCL in Barcelona to you. Two functional and one non-functional. At the same time, it was the most interesting and the representatives of the company wondered that they have functional prototypes, but they are still a wall. And they probably have a good reason for that. It’s a lot of interesting things.

That concept has no name, just as the other two remain. But at work we can call it a pull-out smartphone. At first glance, when closed, the phone looks just like any other smartphone. Front display, rear view and cover, only the display is noticeably bent over the left side, but it is also bent to the right side.

The device does not bend or slip like the previously known and sold models Fold and Z Flip from Samsung and Mate Xs from Huawei. He pulls himself out. The display is curved on the left side and continues under the back cover of the phone. For full use, the device swings to the right. The display then grows from 7.8-inch tablets to 7.8-inch tablets.

Once you do it, the bikes were needed

We had a mock-up in hand with a fli city display, but we cut it out, even if a lot of it. As we were assured, the functional model will not need the bottom of the service, just make a gesture on the display and the device will start with the help of motorcycles. It sounds great and we’re looking for a working prototype.

Overall nm concept very interesting. In fact, it is quite similar to the Huawei Mate Xs, which opens the bag even when the display surrounds the phone on the back. The TCL is hidden. The phone can be easily operated and used even when not open, in fact without any restrictions. And after melting, there is a tablet the size of the machine.

For double display when me bt triple

He gave the concept it worked, even though it couldn’t be folded and apparently it was quite a raw prototype. Again without a name, just marked as a triple folding phone, which logically clearly characterizes it. Here at TCL he didn’t innovate so much, he just added to the storing mobile phone to go one st. The result is a really massive device that speaks in your pocket. But on the other hand, ten-inch tablets would not fit in your pocket at all, this attempt would.

In the folded state, only the truth is visible and the classic smartphone is now available. The other two are folded against each other and are hidden inside when closed. He did not specify the parameters of the manufacturer.

Fully functional, but most interesting

The last concept was fully funn, but from our point of view it makes a lot of sense. This will open the lid and the bottom of the display. Once opened, seven-inch tablets are available. You can’t use a smartphone without it open, the owner can enjoy a very unusual plastic cover.

In addition, this device is subjectively quite large and tissue, so only difficult to use. There is one interesting thing: TCL in this concept shows that you can make a folding phone without a space. When both halves of the piclop, sit full next to each other. That’s you Samsung Fold nedoke.

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