Gilead set the price of the Remdesivir. It will not be the same for everyone

Gilead Sciences has set the price of its Remdesivir against covide-19 in the United States and other developed countries at $ 2,340 (just over 55,000 crowns) for a five-day period. For some it will be expensive, for others it will be cheaper.

f Gilead Daniel ODay announced in an open letter on the company’s website the award for Remdesivir. That is, ltka, which until recently was the only help in patients with covid-19.

So far, only the infusion and one such package will cost $ 390, or about 9,200 K at the exchange rate for June 29. Based on previous experience, it is assumed that the average patient will receive a total of six years in five days and the total cost of treatment will reach approximately $ 2,340, ie 55 thousand crowns.

According to today’s known results, the severity shortens the hospital stay in the severely affected patient, but the number of deaths in these groups does not decrease significantly. The results on the two sides hope that when you are deployed, the effect could be greater (and this is suggested by the others and the data obtained from human patients, but for understandable reasons, the hard-to-reach people have not yet received the people in the open state).

The very shortening of hospitalization is, of course, a well-known price from the point of view of health care economics. Even in relatively cheap Czech healthcare, thousands of crowns are spent on patient days in the ICU (intensive care unit) each day. As for the patient on ARO (anesthesiology and resuscitation department), the price goes to hundreds of thousands.

The price indicated by Gilead thus varies in the range of the estimated variance. There were estimates that the price of the drug could be up to date, ie in the tens of thousands of dollars (and hundreds of thousands of crowns) for the care of the average patient.

How to do it?

The independent non-profit organization ICER, which analyzes the economic aspects of health care in the United States, has recently come to the conclusion that Remdesivir would be cost-effective at a price of about two to five thousand dollars per patient. The variance is due to the fact that the exact activity of the device is not completely clear. Thus, the emergence of another alternative for patients in the present state, namely the corticosteroid Dexamethasone. How exactly it will have an impact on the love of covidu-19 is not clear at the moment, so the value and remnant of Remdesivir are valuable. (Dexamethasone suppresses the patient’s immune system, while Remdesivir works against the virus itself).

We do not look at Gilead’s decision on prices, it is clear that the price of production itself is negligible. External experts estimate that the production of a unit could cost about ten dollars. In the real world, it is produced by generic live producers for about $ 60 for one door (ie about $ 360 for six doors).

Investments in research, clinical evaluation and thus the construction of production facilities for this facility play a much important role. Gilead public said he wanted to invest about a billion dollars in the area. ICER concludes that if the investment were to be reversed economically, the company should have at least around a thousand dollars per patient. (You can review the pricing model and its parameters in more detail in this PDF.) The manufacturer will be able to go ahead with the cost of clinical studies, which are far from over and so definitely not cheap (cost inserts and hundreds of millions of dollars by scale).

The presented price of $ 390 per door (ie 2,340 for six doors) is otherwise often criticized by ICER for a responsible decision. With the important proviso that the eclipse is not 100% sure that patients will not require two more on average.

Somewhere else, elsewhere more

The price of $ 390 for two will not be for everyone. It will apply to the US federal government, but not to private health care providers in the United States. They will pay $ 520 for one door. For Europe, including R, should therefore be in particular $ 390 per change. It has not been officially confirmed.

You won’t have to wait long. Earlier these days, after an accelerated benefit-risk assessment, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended that Remdesivir be approved for lb patients with covid-19. Remdesivir will be able to prescribe medicines in the European Union under the name Veklury, once approved by the European Commission. This is usually the recommendation of the agency and its decision will take place in the near future.

Poor land will mt jet jin reim. In May, one of the largest manufacturers in Bangladesh, Beximco Pharmaceuticals, launched the production of Remdesivir. In publishing this information, the company complied with the value of the undercutting agent at 5,000 and 6,000 Bangladeshi (1,500 and 1,800 K) per ampoule; The Beximco award indicated that one patient’s use of Remdesivir could cost $ 295 and $ 781 (7,400 and 19,500 K, respectively) in the country.

Gilead has teamed up with generic manufacturers in India and Pkistna, including Cipla Ltd and Hetero Labs Ltd, to manufacture and supply Remdesivir to 127 developing countries. In them, the price should reach about $ 600 (about 14,300 crowns) per circle.

In any case, there is now a period when lk was available for free. On June 29, Gilead shipped the last 120,000 Doors of Remdesivir, which is donated to the world (primarily in the United States) and other entities, and from July 1, it will pay.

By the end of the year, the company should produce a total of about two million doors, according to its own website. More than a million produced it and made it available, by the end of the year it should provide about a million. Of this, pl million should be available to US healthcare providers.

Indit and banglad 隚 t manufacturers should produce by the end of the year so units of one million two lku. The company wants to establish partnerships with other manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America.

How does it work

Remdesivir should complicate the virus from multiplying in the patient’s body. Viruses can’t do it alone, they need a host beech to trick them into producing a new generation of virus.

Remdesivir and similar preparations (more precisely, the so-called nucleotide analogues) are very simplified, but they serve as fake building blocks suitable for the construction of other copies of the virus. In fact, they contain an instruction to complete the construction, and the multiplication of the virus therefore stops the presence of the product. So, at least in some cases, in practice, of course, the procedure may not work. For example, because the virus mutates and does not use falen dly.

The product, which is administered in the form of an infusion, should be used against a relatively wide range of viruses, while its use has not been officially approved for use. In 2019, he was tested in the Democratic Republic of Congo against the Ebola virus. Remdesivir, however, did not do well and began to let the patients ride before the end of the test. Jin ltky have shown innj.

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