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Extensive and intense pores in the landscape can be dangerous, it would not seem at first glance. It sounds unbelievable, but when a really extreme pitch breaks out, it creates its own weather, including unexpected torso.

In recent years, we have witnessed such tornadoes in the face of riots, which take place repeatedly in California or you on the other side of the world in Australia. For example, hundreds of pores set fire in California before many days, many of them after a bolt of lightning.

On August 15, a tornado formed over the ears, warned by the US National Weather Service. Charles Jones and Leila Carvalho, a specialist in the relationship between poasm and pores, recently discussed the mechanisms involved in this marvelous phenomenon in their paper for The Conversation.

Every fire needs three basic components: heat, fuel and oxidizer. When the landscape is dry, high temperatures prevail and the wind blows strongly, so it goes faster. There are nhl, strong and fast p, you can fight them. At first, it looked like that in California in August. The humid winter contributed to the growth of a large number of perennials in the western United States and gave vegetation. The summer heat dried up the vegetation on the stalk and resulted in a huge amount of fuel for the pore.

According to Jones and Carvalhov, the reverberations of Hurricane Elida also played a significant role in California pores. This toti increased the humidity and movement of the air masses in the atmosphere, which led to the development of a storm in the north. There, however, the atmosphere above the mainland was very dry and the heat dried up any children. The result was a dry boue with lightning that ignited the pores.

The pores also cause convective airflow. The hot air rises upwards and carries water streaks, gases and aerosols, which then cool and condense in most cases. Clouds similar to white cumulus clouds may form over especially wild pores in the landscape. In such a case, we are talking about pyrocoumules or pyrocoumulonimbus. Inside these pyro clouds, strong rising air currents operate.

Such a development has surprisingly occurred in recent years. For firefighters, this is a warning that elites will be unpredictable and dangerous. When the clouds are not very large, it happens that Then it happens that before the next por is weakened or even extinguished.

However, in some cases of changes in the pyrocoumulus or pyrocoumulonimbus, they reach the age of about nine kilometers and lightning flies from them. There have been cases around the world in which lightning from pyrocumules has heated new pores, such as during the devastating firestorm in Australia in 2009. In addition to pores in the landscape, these types of clouds can also appear during volcanic eruptions.

Pyrocumules and pyrocumulonimbus are closely similar to clouds, in which torsos form. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can also have a massive air, which carries ashes, smoke and often even flames, can contribute to further en por. The air build-up is due to the fact that intense heat builds up with strong winds.

In such an environment, there will be sudden changes in the flow of air and, consequently, the expansion of air, including It’s like a stream of tee towns where they are deepened at the bottom. And they are not exactly nothing. When a torpedo of fire spread in 2018 in California’s devastating pore, known as Carr Fire, the wind was above 230 kilometers per hour.

Tornda caused by fire from fire vr rark (English fire whirl or fire devil). These are less air-rays, which are caused by fire and often contain ash and the flames themselves, but at the same time they do not reach a basic cloud. Pesto temperatures can exceed a thousand degrees Celsius.

Fire torches are very dangerous. They can go according to the increase in service, because they suck in air rich in oxygen towards the center of the heat, which then blows and put flames. In addition, you can spread any materials, such as a tree or a branch, and establish new pores.

The higher the temperature of the pore, the higher the chance that there will be a strong rising air flow and the spreading of strong and extensive air rises. Recently, heat waves have been appearing, which are drying up the whole country and increasing the destructive service in the country.

There is growing evidence that the recent heat waves and the drought that are contributing to the global warming process. This is not just a simple rise in temperature, but also changes in the circulation of air masses in the atmosphere. These changes can support extreme breeding weather in pores.

According to statistics, the number of days in California has more than doubled since the age of eight during the autumn season. During that time, even in California, the average temperature of autumn rose and the number of rivers decreased. Residents of land prone to drought, and thus firefighting, should be prepared for the time to go mountains.

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