HUNDRED DISCOVERY: DC! Stdav! A wolf of two great power

DC! Stdav! DC! Stdav! Two gnies met the current in the wolf. The flight dispute is not over. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Gradually, the evening of recognition disappeared, they did not give themselves a good word. Two mui who changed n the world. Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla. Two others who brought the light to the city and to whom we owe the omitted electric socket.

This relationship started idyllic. Experienced scientist and patron King Edison brought a young and very promising student from Europe to his company. Teslu.

A moc nadjnho. And very good. He grew his mentor, his visions knew no bounds to our world. Edison didn’t drink them.

So different and so much like. Both, for example, considered the spnek a complete waste of time. Tesla pr in adulthood never took a part of time, not two hours. According to not three hours a day, the city is a luxury, his competitor acknowledged.

Distinctions? These were obvious at first glance. If these two pnovs stood side by side, you will not remember one. Edison walked the suit very sparingly, trying not to take it out. The only good thing was the two-shoe shoes so that he wouldn’t have to untie them and bend them during shoes.

But Tesla! At the top of the career, he was an excellent companion on every verdict, he was always able to pull the media to his advantage. He moved in the highest circles, like the writer Mark Twain. His equipment included eight world languages.

Even in their research, they were different. The Serbian constructor had a photographic memory, which allowed him to know the contents of entire books and, above all, to visualize the objects of his life. He was extremely gifted.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Amerian relied on experiments against it. Crumbs, countless unfinished machines, and gluing machines were lying in his offices. He did not know the confirmed physical conditions, he reached them on his way.

A treasure? He wanted to test his new co-worker, handed him a glass bag and told him to find out its contents. Because the mathematician did the geometric work, he set out to do so. Edison was not satisfied. It took a while to pour water and then pour it into a measuring cup, the result would be an instant.

From cooperation to hostility

At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, the two competed in a wolf current. Edison began to electrify the American cities with direct current, which was a problem. He was not able to conduct electricity in t distances, where the household had to be connected to the power plant. Dog crumbs could not see the sky.

Edison (left) to aut

Edison (left) in a Bailey Electric car equipped with his battery. Next to it is one of only the Bailey family who owned the factory.

Tesla designed to use the current stream, which eliminated these problems. He was not questioned. Edison did not want to give up his investment in DC infrastructure, and the young reformer ended up shoveling at us.

The battle was in full swing after Tesla’s businessman George Westinghouse took over and provided him with a chapter to carry out, see. Edison tried by various means to reverse the ghina, trying to show the current as extremely dangerous and thus suitable for an electric chair. Neuspl.

Even for Tesla, the father of a blunt lion and a graduate of one semester at Charles University, the triumph was not entirely delightful. He gained a reputation, definitely not financial independence. He was not scrutinized for the recognition of the invention of the radio, he could not fully develop some of his visions.

Gradually, he became a strange non-scientist for society, always talking about such thoughts as the transmission of image and sound over a kind of wireless. Well, something unimaginable, such a change. Zemel very poor in a hotel room.

Edison, on the other hand, managed to move with great honors, according to his companies in West Orange, which is considered American national wealth and serves as a museum. In addition, the direct current is back on course during the day. They work with computers, mobile phones, electric cars.

On the Czech Railways, you will even find both systems at the same time: while the northern part of the republic is driven by direct current, it is different here. And so the wolf current continues. As well as disputes about who was in t gnius. Whether Edison or Tesla. Undoubtedly, they both stuck to our lives.

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