HUNDRED DISCOVERY: Hours of study, ple, and togetherness lifted the Wrights into heaven

There were two natives of Dayton, USA. Star Wilbur and three years young Orville: the Wright brothers. They were the first to take off a safe pistol with a motorized aircraft, so there was no air. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

The Wright Flyer biped off the ground on December 17, 1903 at 10:35. After twelve seconds, during which the carriage offended 36.6 meters, he landed on the ground again.

The historical scene took place during the Severn Carolina scene near Kitty Hawk. The flight is even recorded in the photograph: the machine takes off a little above the ground, in nm at the zen le (to reduce air resistance and can move the side of the plane easily unbalanced) Orville, a short distance from the plane b Wilbur. Snmek shared one of the five girls, John T. Daniels.

At the meeting of the HV for the summer table, the father’s chuck was a small son of depth with two propellers in flight with moving braided rubber bands. Only the flyer of Flyer deserved especially their matured tide, patience and skin.

They did not come to him, they found in themselves everything that could be obtained about attempts at the time to try to fly.

Never before have people in the world studied the issue with such scientific skill and similar unwavering courage, the British Aeronautical Society later wrote about it.

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Wright demonstrated their talent with the wheels they sold, repaired and constructed. What he learned is that it is not only possible to start the bike, but mainly to ride it. So they not only wanted to get the plane into the air, but first to control it there.

They also spent a lot of time on the observation sails of birds: how the shapes of their cows are and how they build them during the flight. They got out of the slippery, first with the help of women from the ground, then they flew on them themselves.

From 1900, the Vnj mills at Kitty Hawk were used as a test area. Here, by trial and error, they looked for an ideal construction. From the hills, they shuffled with the glider, thus shaping the shape of the buckets and learning how to manipulate the glider.


Only then did they embark on a version with an engine. They paid attention not only to the construction and weight, but also to the propeller. Their assistant, Charlie Taylor, even built a kind of wind tunnel, where they performed the optimal shape of the propeller blades.

Then piel December 17, 1903 and their flyer finally flew through. Go that day several times, according to a dl.

They stuck the plane. Unlike other pioneers, their attempts often took place dramatically, they learned to maneuver with darkness. They mastered del and del distances, arcs, eights…

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Among the public, their popularity grew, only the American government did not show much interest. They acquired the patent in time, but with sacrifices. He twisted it and a huge rush, which was harvested with the latest model aircraft in previous years in France. Wilbur and later Orville traveled there to discuss a possible collaboration that the government did not want to flourish at home.

After returning in the spring of 1909, New York greeted them with heroes. The interest in using the plane poured in from many quarters. President Taft’s brothers awarded the Gold Medal.

According to the testimony of contemporaries, they remained modest, influential, sober, diligent. And most importantly, they always rubbed together fraternally. Especially these qualities helped them in their hurry.

When Neil Armstrong flew with the Apollo 11 crew to Msci in July 1969, he had with him a piece of fly from the cover of the bucket and a deva from the propeller of the first flyer. Symbolic gesture: Wright’s spins were launched manually, Armstrong being the first hunter to enter the surface.

They and he represented a huge leap for humanity.

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