HUNDRED DISCOVERY: Open Windows and greet the world of sweat

Potae grew with typewriters and pen calculators, they became households and games. In 1995, the revolutionary Windows operating system was launched, which changed the world. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Once again, the world turned a little faster. On August 25, 1995, the official introduction of the revolutionary Windows 95 operating system made the sweat a phenomenon that every home wants and anyone can use.

A phenomenon that doesn’t just fall into the office and only comes to work. It was enough for Bill Gates to split the work on the screen into windows and add one button with a simple inscription: START.

Miliony pro Rolling Stones

At that time, only the people knew the Internet, globalization was a rather futuristic concept. Nevertheless, Microsoft has succeeded in giving the whole world a simple message: Let’s prepare a groundbreaking innovation. The Pota Revolution.

Bill Gates’ vision later cal: It was genius marketing. He paid hundreds of millions of dollars for it, and it paid off. The Empire State Building in New York, as well as the famous television station in Toronto, were in the limelight.

There was talk of eight million dollars for the Rolling Stones for their hit Me Start! In short, they certainly did not drink the series Ptel represented by bosk Rachel (Jennifer Anistonov) and the irresistible Chandler (Matthew Perry), who shot a kind of manual for new users.

The official performance took place on the Redmont University campus in Washington, with hot air balloons overhead, blue skies, and frowns here and there. Exactly the ones we were so used to at Windows later.

And Bill Gates on the floor. It was not the dignified one with the edits, he was rich, but the ride was not the richest. At that time he knew that he had first started terno. He celebrated it with a spontaneous tank.

In the first five weeks, seven million copies of Windows were sold, one costing $ 200. The system quickly became the world’s most born and sent all the competition to the wall for the next few years.

It was a gold in computer technology, at least every year and more and more new products appeared on the market, performance increased, graphics improved. And the whole world watched it with open Windows, or Windows.

User revolution

The most significant step forward was the fact that Microsoft was able to create a user-friendly environment. He introduced the magic button Start, with his help launching applications. The cast, which we could switch between the individual programs clearly opened in the windows, worked. Dark in one window, we drink in another, legendary mines and solitaire we play in another. fully clear, simple.

In 1995, appear

dn folded programming and commands. Suddenly he could really sit down to the screen and penetrate the pota world with a little patience. When loading the system, it was possible to press the F8 key and enter the MS-DOS text mode, which was the predecessor of Windows.

This button has been used very often in Havrich applications. This led to an external (user-friendly) discussion of the professional public as to whether Windows running on a 32-bit interface is a new operating system or just an extension of 16-bit DOS.

Thanks to five hundred years of age, the game has become a space for gaming, helped first by a set of DirectX libraries, making the most of hardware performance. Memories will certainly remember the long night when the installation of these libraries woke them up.

In the expanding package, customers were able to use the Microsoft Explorer web browser, but the massive use of the website has been hampered by its (in) availability for some time. By the way, loit support of 2 GB and 2 GB was considered fantastic.

Never later has Microsoft been able to achieve such fame, and the latest technological innovations did not have such a sudden impact on the general population. The same queues as on Windows 95 have become new phones, but there has never been such a revolution in user capabilities.

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