HUNDRED DISCOVERY: The automotive industry has actually started. Mr. Benzov

Every day, humanity will turn its back on a one-billion-dollar car. And let’s go. We can name it by Karl Benz. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

If experts talk about the inventor of the first car, they can buy a box of beer and still not get enough of the generally acceptable truth during a long evening.

We may be attacked by a monk from the 17th century, Ferdinand Verbiest is his virtuous name. A native of Flanders, he made a moving cart for the Czech Republic during his mission. Geniln! This was followed by William Murdoch, Richard Trevithick and Francis Maceroni.

We are just below the period of pry. And cars on the lane do not drive. The first meaningful experiments with the internal combustion engine were written by Belgian engineer Lenoir and German colleague Siegfried Marcus.

However, one name stands out among all the fathers of the car. Karl Benz. Around him is a legend who began to grow in modesty to end up as a reminder of one of the greatest figures in engineering ever.

His blanket was a very capable metal, daddy mainfra on the Bdensk railway. These are the prerequisites for the little boy to become interested in technology. Karl, born on November 25, 1844, could be clear about his future very quickly.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but share with his father. Dad died when he was two years old. He got a lung burn and the lkai could not save him. The illness was a result of his profession caught in the uncovered cabs of the locomotive.

And so the mother had to take care of what she managed, despite the limited pjmm for a very long time. At the age of nine, young Karl went to high school, but he did not only give up in classrooms. He shared his own laboratory directly in the house and experimented for hours and hours.

In addition, he was enterprising. He improved his family budget like a fine photographer, and he was no stranger to the fine mechanics of watch movements. It soon became known that a certain boy Karl Benz was a dog repairing a machr.

The main meeting took place at the University of Karlsruhe. Professor Ferdinand Redtenbacher was convinced that he was right in the past. And he excited St. Students for that. It is no coincidence that one of them was besides Benz also a certain Emil koda, the founder of plzesk kody.

Look for a woman

If someone is behind the wheel, they should apologize. Without a woman, the car would not have come into being. Respectively, it would arise later. After studying, Benz took a job with employees in the production of railway wagons, and then took part in the construction of the bridge. But he had a dream in his head. Internal combustion engine.

The means for its realization came from the widow of St. Bertha. At one point, the household was without a crown, which is not the exception of the inventors. Unlike many colleagues, Benz had an investment in it. He started to supply large factories, he had to build his own machine shops.

100 div

But there were so many npads in their heads, new npads. He won a lot of money in the banks, he could not read that the furnace intended to be put on the market in a vehicle that would run without a horse. No one would drink to him. Blznm does not drink.

Blzn se nalo vc. Gottlieb Daimler, in collaboration with Wilhelm Maybach, even built the first motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. However, the main invention was expected until 1885, when Benz presented the first car. They drive the trunk by their own strength.

A year later, a patent registered 37435 registered a vehicle powered by a gasoline engine and it was done. By the way, he used these wheels because the steering was not perfectly driven by the steering wheel, and the drive was a tactless single-cylinder that didn’t have a single end. But it was enough for a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

The first spur on this machine was made by his wife Bertha with her offspring, when she went to visit her mother and she managed to manage the 90-kilometer-long journey. In the same way, the church managed to gradually laugh with the fact that the car is not white, but Benzv invented.

Bertha a Karl Benzovi

Bertha a Karl Benzovi

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