HUNDRED DISCOVERY: The first step at Msci was taken by Armstrong for tn Novosvtsk

One of the greatest technological challenges of humanity was also an early adventure and a great discovery. Amerian Neil Armstrong became the hero of the conquest Msce in the 1960s. Seril vydv Magazn Vkend.

Vtu He had a step for a hunter, a huge leap for humanity knows no cad. It is said to me that Neil Armstrong (1930 and 2012) must have been careful when entering the lunar module Eagle, which also makes no sense in the English original.

When his foot first touched my surface on July 21, 1969, it must have been a lot of stress. Perhaps that is why, before the word man (hunter), Armstrong dropped the neurite, and the shift shifted. In exact words, the sentence read: He had a step for humanity, a huge leap for humanity.

Who will be there first?

This, of course, is just a small trifle, especially since Neil Armstrong has accomplished much more than a Msc. You become a hero of Korean wolves, in which the Western democracy clashed with Soviet and German communism.

The key to the pilot’s curry was a childhood incense, when the father of the estlete Neil took for years. In Korea, Armstrong flew the F9F Panther jet fighter. In 1951, his machine was planted, but he managed to catapult and drill to his own units. He left Korea with a medal.

tst Armstrong was not captivated. When he later tested experimental rocket-propelled aircraft at an Edwards depot in California, he ran a few crashes. At that time, it reached a record height of 63.2 kilometers and a speed of 6,616 kilometers per hour.

Then they began to seduce the universe, which due to the political conflict between the great powers took the form of a predatory soup. When Gagarin orbited the Earth in April 1961, he became a logical member of the MSc for the Americans. Only in this way could they top Moscow, and in the background was also the development of military technologies.

In the sound of Novosvtsk

In lt 1962, Armstrong enrolled in NASA’s space program, and in 1966, he went into space for the first time as commander of the Gemini 8th flight.

The wheels of the Apollo 11 crew (which included Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) were scattered to the smallest detail, including the one who descended first. For a week’s flight to Msci, Armstrong curtailed by listening to Dvok’s Novosvtsk Symphony, which he had chosen for this el.

It could have ended tragically, because the outskirts of the piste were littered with boulders. Armstrong had to run out of fuel with the ashtray module. In case the astronauts could not fidget, President Nixon was prepared to be sad.

Thirty years later, it was declassified, and today we know that we would hear: Fate meant that the men who set out for the MSc to examine it in peace, on its surface, would forever be in peace. These states must know that there is no need to protect them. They laid down their lives for the most noble human being: the search for truth and understanding.

Sad in the end, there was no need. The astronauts swept across Msci, and after two hours, 17 minutes, and 44 seconds, the Eagle module took off and connected to the mother ship.

Ashes in me

After the guns, Armstrong could have become a celebrity, but newspaper ranks and applause were rejected by the crowd. He also rejected offers to become a politician who drank from both republicans and democrats. It took him a pednet to university, a business and a party.

He was one of the greatest American heroes, not only of his time, but of all time, said the then President Obama after the astronauts died in August 2012. Armstrong’s ashes were militarily spread to the sea near Florida.

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