HUNDRED DISCOVERY: The Oscars also explored the city in the world

With an eleven thousand meters, Mount Everest is more striking. But unlike the highest point on the planet, Marinsk Pkop has another title: the deepest known city on Earth. There’s a surprising life down there. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Years ago, the world was overwhelmed by a sensation: Japanese biologists launched a ten-meter cage with bait and a video camera to the bottom of the Marinsky Trench. They then found both rabbis on the record, trying to crush the cage.

Is it a legendary megalodon, a ticetimeter monster with dark two-meter elists and seven-centimeter teeth? A fish considered to be the most crushing predator of all time? Although it was judged that it became extinct two million years ago, but who in?

Surely the voices of experts came out that it was a mystification, the cage was not so big, the toilets on it were completely different, and this type of animal could not be in such extreme depths.

Hleme, the fish!

The Challenger expedition, which set out on a ship of the same name in 1872 to explore the world, was moving in the area of ​​the Pacific Marin Ditch in the spring of 1875. For the first time, it tried to confuse it and with the help of a rope swept a depth of 8,848 meters. The latest sound pulses reached a service of 10,994 meters.

So far, only those outcasts have personally set out for the bottom of the Marin ditch. The first two were sunk on January 23, 1960, the crew of the Trieste bathyscaphe was formed by Amerian Don Walsh and Vcar Jacques Piccard, the son of a bathyscaphe designer.

It took them about five hours, not after the next eleven kilometers they hit the bottom. They stayed for twenty minutes and, among other things, changed the water pressure to more than a thousand times the standard sea level pressure.

And they managed to go by, and they doubted it: they had eaten a live, about ten-inch-long flatfish. Here, at one point, was the answer to a question the widows had been asking for decades, Piccard wrote. Could there be life in the deepest rewards? Could!

James Cameron became the last and then the last hunter to touch the bottom of the Marin ditch. He was in the mood for such a fantastic story: the Hollywood director, who won several Oscars, is not only the author of the film Terminator, Vetelc, Titanic and Avatar, but in 2005 he also made the sci-fi Mystery of the Deep.

Seven years later, on May 26, 2012, Cameron boarded a special single-seater submarine Deepsea Challenger and within two and a half hours descended into the deepest trench. He later admitted that he honored himself below as the lonely creature on the planet, completely isolated from humans, without any clue.

And in a moment his wife called. He wouldn’t be a movie if, in addition to zazen on a sample collection, he didn’t take a 3D video camera with him to shoot what he saw. Two years later, James Camerons’ documentary Deepsea Challenge 3D hit theaters.

Road to the bottom Mari

The journey to the bottom of the Marin ditch took him more than two hours, the hours there, and he sailed back to the surface for another 70 minutes.

The failures of some of the devices dramatized his submarine flight, but he was even a little disappointed, even though he was down there. The bottom reminded him to park dreamily, except for small bark he did not see life. This addition was confirmed by scientists who analyzed the bottom samples and poured hundreds of different microorganisms.

Deep sweep

The scientists welcomed Cameron’s action. According to them, the robot cannot completely replace the presence of the hunter and his particular look.

Pest in the further exploration of the Marin ditch, then continue only artificially, long-controlled zazen. And more and more new documents about colorful life in the deepest waters of the world, about often unbelievable, and bizarre shapes, colors, breeding, essences.

At first, the gloom is that even the deepest city on Earth has not escaped being clogged with plastics and other garbage, with which the hunter sweeps the planet.

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