HUNDRED DISCOVERY: Who is the true father of the equation, if not Edison

We consider Thomas Alva Edison to be the inventor of the equation. This American enterprise had pioneering predecessors. He was just the healthiest and had the improved case patented. The series on the most significant human discoveries was published by Magazn Vkend.

Even Vtzslav Nezval let himself be felted. In the poem he dedicated to Edison, he only created more light than the Bh volcanoes, the inventors of the new era, Amerian, the hero of XX. century and all vk, roznnle wrote:

A thousand apples fell on the nose of the globe
and only Newton can get out of his bulge
tisc deaf people wandered without a name
and in only one of them did we pour Beethoven
tisc vynlez goes to nm for the season
only one of those bags was the Edisonv.

Jene wasn’t! To this day, let’s not think so, the equally celebrated equation most likely did not come from the head of the enterprising American Thomas Alva Edison.

According to many testimonies, Heinrich Gbel, a German watch, built it a quarter of a century before. He just couldn’t walk as well as Edison, who patented the improved idea and sold it in a big way.

Light for 220 hours

To be fr – i Gbel ml predchdce. In 1802, the Englishman Humphrey Davy succeeded in lighting an open flame for a while with the help of an electric current. In 1840, his compatriot Warren de la Rue made this fancy flicker to go a little as soon as he used a platinum stud.

Another thirty years later, the mine fell to Gbela. He wondered for a long time how he would spread the talent of his business into the darkened streets of New York. His head was open, so he soon was drinking. Using a charred bamboo fiber sealed in an empty perfume bottle, he produced a unique straight line, with a shelf life of approximately 220 hours.

Two strong personality traits helped him to innovate: in addition to dexterity, also irritability. Thanks to the first properties seduced from the glass baky to extract air. Thanks to a choleric seizure, the species melted the Pardník bamboo head and then tried to build a change of wool from its shade.

Heinrich G

Heinrich Gbel

Thus was born a sight. Jene Gbel didn’t patent it. Edison did that and not twenty-five years later. After a series of lawsuits, he first became the official father of the equation, although his family was less than half the mountains of Gbel’s life.

Business unit

Edison was not an outspoken hochtapler. His name is signed over a thousand patented inventions, on which there is a demonstrable dilemma. At the same time, he didn’t have to accept the discovery of his enthusiasts (including Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford or Emil Kolben), or he was inspired by something or less.

In the case of the equation, the project of the English physicist Joseph Swan was especially useful to him. The beard of Sunderland was born in 1860, with the proviso that carbon fiber would be best for straight lines.

The patent revolution of the news was hampered by the fact that there were not enough powerful suction pumps to extract oxygen from glass banks. That is why he managed to light up the invention and at the turn of 1878 and 1879. That is, before the Edison, who especially read about Swan in professional journals.

One then had a valid patent in Britain, the other in the USA. An open dispute arose at a time when Edison’s start was trying to expand into the United Kingdom. The dragged court eventually culminated in the formation of the Edison & Swan United Electric Light Company.

Disputes over who was indeed the inventor of the equation are still going on today. Last but not least, Edison’s unquestionable leader was: he could sell himself and his ideas perfectly. He befriended influencers, but also made himself visible in newspapers.

Once he ceremoniously decorated the steamer with his light, the second time with a large hall he lit up the world flag in Pai. To promote his innovation, he calmly left the elephant killed by electricity. Each stranger pasted the strings quickly bought them out so that the glory would not fall on anyone else. Thanks to that, Nezval considered him an inventor of a new era, a hero of the XX. a hundred years. And not at all at all.

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