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Bn can significantly reduce the number of deaths in patients with a very high course of covid-19 disease. He claims to have made a great British study on thousands of people. However, the detailed results have not yet been published.

The largest clinical trial of monch disease treatment covid-19 saw with a very positive, yet uneven result. In a trial called RECOVERY, the researchers found that the bleeding of the antidote Dexamethasone significantly reduced the number of deaths in patients in the field.

RECOVERY is the largest test of its kind in the world and performs various procedures against covid-19, including remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine tests. Dexamethasone is an antidote to corticosteroids. Thus, non-action directly against the virus, it suppresses the inferior function of the immune system, which in certain cases may be caused by the virus itself. (To explain: Dexamethasone with -e at the end and a capital letter is the name of the substance, with a small number without -e it is the name of the substance.)

The RECOVERY study looked at the patient’s death five weeks after the arrest. 2,104 patients received dexamethasone in her diet. They all received once a day two hundred milligrams of lentils, either nitrous or eagle.

Lk only helped patients with tkm during the course of the disease. Among those who needed a ventilator and received Dexamethasone, mortality (ie, the proportion of people with a disease that landed) was about a tetin, not in the group of ventilator patients who received placebo instead. There were several thousand people in these so-called control groups.

For those who received only extra oxygen and were not connected to the ventilator, Dexamethasone reduced the number of dead spots noticeably noticeable, by units of percent. In patients who wore oxygen-free and ventilated, there was no risk of death.

If the results were to succeed, it would mean a significant difference in the repertoire’s action against the covid-19. Only remdesivir has confirmed any activity so far, but it works somewhat differently. Its main effect is to shorten the stay in the hospital, at least so far the effect on mortality has not been confirmed so long and so strong. And from the principle of the action of remdesvir, it follows that it should work primarily in the early stages of the disease, as indicated by experiments on animals.

Against remdesivirus, Dexamethasone also has the advantage that it is a substance used and very cheap for healthcare. A look at the tariff reveals that one tablet costs the Czech healthcare system a low plate of crowns according to the content of the substance. Remdesivir set a fixed price, based on days of practice, the bag is estimated at hundreds of thousands of crowns.

On the other hand, it seems that the kidneys can complement each other nicely: one should be used practically exclusively in patients in the worst phase of the disease, the other should be used in two patients who are most at risk of the disease. However, we must warn that this is an estimate based on preliminary information.

What nm jet errors

ada information nm stle error. At first, the author of the RECOVERY study (here in PDF) is based only on the press release. According to them, they are working on the fastest possible publication, the preparation of a detailed description of the results and the release of data on the course of the study, but we simply do not have them yet. At the time when the drug was formed, for example, it is not clear how big the difference was between those who received the drug in tablets and those who were stimulated intravenously, whether it had an effect on the length of hospital stay, convalescence, etc.

A non-detailed publication, which usually involves scientific research, is a procedure usually described in science through press-release. This is a pejorative term, because it very often leads to a distortion of the original results. In general, a precautionary approach pays off: if a detailed description is not available, so the article describing the experiment is appropriate, and the name of the data that other scientists can verify is not possible.

In this case, the procedure is based on an understandable argument that your public will save my life. Reputation also plays a role. Unlike the recent literally scandalous study on hydroxychloroquine incch, the RECOVERY study is transparent. This is the largest clinical study looking for treatments against covid-19, and is well known for its institutions. The probability that the result had to be revoked by the authors in a few days and a week seems to be low at this time. With a detailed evaluation, it will be better to wait at a time when colleagues will be able to get acquainted with the detailed results.

Maybe it won’t be the last one soon. There are a number of other clinical studies in the pipeline, various preparticles and procedures that have been performed, especially the anti-new coronavirus.

So at this moment it is impossible to say exactly how the drug will fight the disease for you and for dexamethasone there will be something better. At this point, however, the procedure is in progress: the non-therapeutic therapy is gradually written off. For example, the much-mentioned hydroxychloroquine most likely does not play a major role in a particular covid-19 pandemic. Researchers are gradually turning away from it (even through the study study, which came to the conclusion that it is hurting patients on the basis of probably falench data).

It is not so often discussed side by side. In particular, the data did not confirm that the first results from small trials (sometimes literally on unit units) helped patients to help patients in the study. The other hydroxychloroquine did not prove successful even in the RECOVERY test (see this PDF). At the moment, it is not recommended for the lv covid-19 neither in the USA, nor in the great city of Europe, including the Czech Republic.

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