When kicking into the stove on the field, a hitherto unknown species of dinosaur was discovered

It is often the case that a completely new species of dinosaur is found. According to him, it now happened by a bit of a coincidence. These bones, which were found on the British Isle of Wight last year in search of fossils, are, according to vdc, a hitherto undescribed species of dinosaur.

He crawled about three meters long 115 million years ago. The dinosaur, which was named Vectaerovenator inopinatus by scientists at the University of Southampton in southern England, had an unusual hollow, and therefore light, bone. The length of this creature is estimated at three meters.

These air sacs, seen today in modern birds, were a kind of elongated lung and are likely to have helped move the respiratory system and relieve the skeleton.

The name is also pointed out by these large air spaces. According to Sciencealert, the Latin name of the new dinosaur roughly refers to an unexpected hunter filled with air from the Isle of Wight. Todv also has a certain idea of ​​how and where he was found.

We were shocked to see how this was called by the air spaces. His skeletons must have been a bit kehk, said PhD student Chris Barker, who is the study leader describing the new species. Tennle into a group of teropodch dinosaurs, the most famous of which is Tyrannosaurus rex.


Remains of a newly discovered species of dinosaur and their location

Fossilized bones from the neck, back and tail of a new dinosaur were discovered several weeks later in 2019 in those separate discoveries, by two individuals and one family group, during the Knock Cliff to the Isle of Wight. They made their discoveries in the local museum specializing in dinosaur fossils.

I walked around, dug into the stove, and came across what looked like a dinosaur bone, described by fossil hunter Paul Farrell.

I thought they were perceived, so I took them with me (to the museum), said one of the discoverers, Robin Ward, who visited the Isle of Wight with his family. They immediately recognized that it was something special and asked me if I would give it to the museum so that they could fully explore it, Ward said.

I was in the eye when I found out that it could be a new species, he added.

Isle of Wight is known for the remains of the dinosaur. Depending on the area where the fossils may have been found, it appears that this dinousaus may have looked north of the city where its remains were found, and the dead body was somehow carried away by the silent sea.

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