Always shot. a focus on Samsung S21 is special

The design is interesting, but the practicality probably suffers. This is how the location of the photomodule in the upcoming Samsung S21 can be characterized. You can introduce the manufacturer in mid-January.

Znm Nik Ice Universe has published two photo covers on two of the Samsung S21 series models. Samsung will introduce the unconventional soon, instead of the usual nor-normal term, their premiere should take place in mid-January.

There are only two months left until the premiere, so there is more detail about the news. And most of all, the unusual photomodule of all models will be unusual, ie probably S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. Which would correspond to the same sets as the S20 generation aircraft.

For new products, the main photo module should be part of the phone, so the whole set of designs is centered on the left and upper corner of the phone. The edge of the photomodule will thus be a part of the device.

The design looks interesting, it is definitely different from most devices on the market, which have a module with lenses more integrated into the back of the device, and the lens is anyway. In the case of the Samsung S21, the bag design page will also have practical implications.

As the photos show the cover, the upper corner of the phone will not be completely worn. In the covers, there is a photomodule for the whole cell and to the side and upper edge of the phone. If the device falls on this corner first, even in the cover, it probably won’t happen in time. Only if the whole is made of some durable metal, it is still probably at least visually damaged.

There are only hard (root) cases on the pictures, it is possible that some rubber and plastic bumper will also have corner protection.

It is not known how Samsung did it, details are not available yet. But weave it will be all model. S21 and S21 + will have an assembly with three vertically positioned lenses, more of the flash area (hnd cover) will hit the back area. For that, he must be in the case and put the carriage. The Ultra model has a set of lenses, so you have to drive in the case to go in t, which shows the type of photo (blue cover).

nike Ice Universe states that the set of cameras will be the same as in the summer models of the S20 series, only with minor improvements.

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