Apple has introduced a new watch and tablet. We know the esk prices

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Coronavir has long been uncertain about the term of life of Apple’s premier life. However, the company sent out an official invitation a week ago. The event started at 19:00 and the Watch 6 watch was the first to appear on the series, after which Apple introduced two new iPad tablets.

As usual, this year’s premiere took place in Apple’s center in Cupertino, USA. She was in many ways different, not used to it. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was mostly virulent, ie without a live audience in the city. Apple took a turn for the worse and listed in the headlines all anti-coronavirus measures during the night.

As expected, Apple did not introduce the new iPhones. These will be lower, the premiere should be around msc.

New Watch

Apple has introduced a new generation of Watch 6 watches. Next to them, the Watch SE watch will be on sale, which is a modified fourth generation of watches, and then fly this generation as the most affordable model. He will be US $ stt $ 199, SE will stt $ 279 and News Watch 6 then $ 399.

esk watch prices Watch 6, Watch SE and Watch 3
Watches Size 40 mm Size 44 mm
Watch 6 with bnm emnkem and Nike version 11 490 K 12 290 K
Watch 6 with knitted pattern or stroke 12 890 K 13 690 K
Watch 6 with metal emblem (pull) 19 990 K 20 790 K
Watch SE s bnm emnkem 7 990 K 8 790 K
Watch SE with a knitted plaid or stroke 9 390 K 10 190 K
Watch SE with koenm emnkem with sand 10 790 K Nen
Watch SE with metal emblem (pull) 16 490 K 17 290 K
Watch 3 (dark ed or silver) 5 790 K 6 590 K

New is the new Apple Fitness + service. It is a service for the Watch watch, which will offer you a library of videos with personal trainers tailored to your type of exercise. Not free, you will pay msn or ron, either 10 (230 K) or 80 USD (1 850 K). The price of salary for the whole family, the first three months are free when buying a new watch. The service will be available by the end of the year.

New iPads

Apple also introduced a new generation iPad tablet. It is logically improved in all directions, only the A12 processor can be drawn on it with a pen, and first of all this function looks very interesting according to the presentation. The price is $ 329 (usually 9,200 crowns). esk prices are in the table, sales will take 18th z.

Dal tablet novelty is the new iPad Air. The really really new A14 processor, also the introduction of the new iPhones, which will take from below. Tablet m USB-C connector. The novelty will be $ 599 in the USA, ie less than 17,000 crowns in VAT. And the esk prices correspond to this, you will find them all in the table. Sales on the Czech market will begin in June, but without a specific date.

esk prices for iPad 8th generation and iPad Air
Tablet wi-fi wi-fi + mobiln s
iPad 8th generation 32 GB 9 990 K 13 490 K
iPad 8th generation 128 GB 12 490 K 15 990 K
iPad Air 64 GB 16 990 K 20 490 K
iPad Air 256 GB 21 490 K 24 990 K

At the same time, Apple is launching a new version of the iOS 14 operating system.

Zpodn iPhon

Coronavirus treatment of the out of the arrest this year significantly affected the production process. Apple confirmed it in July that the new iPhone will hit the market with a several-week delay (for more see Apple confirmed the iPhone 12, its results in spite of the coronary crisis).

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