Aunt Android user would be blamed for Apple’s novelty, he showed

The American seller SellCell conducted a somewhat unconventional survey among androidists. He wondered if their next part in the ad could be an iPhone 12 at that time. The result was surprising: those out of ten respondents said yes.

Although TV is like two opposing teams, so among Apple and iPhone fans, as well as Android users, there will be those who do not take loyalty to the public and would be able to imagine that they would run out of counterparts due to the news. And that’s exactly what Apple’s new news is about.

A survey by SellCell, which included 20 respondents over the age of 18 with permanent residence in the USA, showed that 33.1% of Android users would bet on the iPhone 12 in the event of a new smartphone, and its online premiere took place on 13 June.

Even if it lacks some of the features of top android smartphones. However, the fact that their users switched to Apple was not expected to innovate due to the fact that it was the latest iPhone. More than half (55.9%) of pebhlk would be convinced by this part of the software support. The reason for replacing the android smartphone with the iPhone is better privacy protection (48.8%).

And then it comes to a number of hardware pages, specifically a compact design (36.9%). I am not one of the aunt of those respondents who would run away, as a reason she gave both a better price (30.9%) and a better function (24.7%). Roughly fiveth (19%) would be silenced by the support of 5G st, in which, by the way, iPhones have so far lagged behind the android competition. They mentioned the better user interface as the least important (12.1%).

As part of the research, the American dealer was also interested in which of the new iPhone 12 models would be preferred by the newcomers. The dark half (48.1%) would choose the compact variant, ie the iPhone 12 mini. There will be (on sale and from November 13) at least the spades of smartphones on the market, which in this direction essentially no competition.

On the contrary, the thirteen generations of the iPhone, ie the 12 Pro Max model, seemed the most attractive to them. 22.9% pebhlk would decide for him. A little less (18.1%) would then bet on the currency of the top iPhone 12 Pro, less than one percent (10.9%) would share in the implementation of a basic model (iPhone 12).

Kter z Faktor by vs piml k vmn androidho zazen for iPhone?

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Del software support795
Kompaktn proveden519
Privacy protection240
Nice price174
User interface87
Glue function67
5G support18

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