Balen mon zane idit i Samsung. And right next to the most expensive model

Apple grew twenty into packs for iPhone chargers and headphones. Both have to buy customers. It could be expected that the competition will be inspired by this step. According to skewed information, Samsung will be another protector.

Apple does not package the charger and headphones with all the new models of the iPhone 12 series, nor with the remaining old iPhones, which will continue to be sold. So to models 11, Xr and SE. There is only a cable in the package. For the customer, this means a surcharge of 590 crowns for an offer and the same amount for a non-packaged handset. That is, if he needs both.

American character with fire protection rods. With the absence of chargers and headphones, it was possible to change the packaging, which will then fit more on one pallet. This allows Apple to transport more than one phone at a time. At the same time, not every charger and handset needs one, the other and both could therefore be left in the room.

And to no avail, it was confirmed that Apple was starting to go, information appeared that Samsung had also decided to do so. Now the skewed information is specific. According to sources close to the manufacturers, the South Korean company will start packing the new Galaxy S21 series, which it should present in January 2021. It is not yet clear whether it will remove both pieces of accessories from the package, or just start headphones.

This could pass Samsung, the headset does not come with a number of manufacturers, for some it is even a rule. It is probably very bad for the customers, most of them, the bundled wired headphones were not of great quality (which is not the case with the latest Galaxy S series headphones from Samsung), and today an equally large number of customers are buying wireless headphones for us.

If I removed Samsung from the package and the charge, it could work for quite a few customers. Furnaces just that pass Apple, do not have to go through the competition. Especially if it gets errors on the phone for 20 and 40 thousand, where the cost is a percentage of the price.

After all, both manufacturers have so far added only a basic charge to the phones, and many models manage to charge quickly. What the German characters don’t give you, at least not with the middle and dear models. They usually add quick chargers to them.

If they do not hold even the arguments with the changed packaging. Even the thin ones on the new iPhones would be plentiful. In addition, manufacturers run the risk that customers will use unoriginal supplies that may be defective. Specifically, Apple warned strongly in 2013 (for more, see Apple’s death and death. Use the original offers, he warns).

Only the profit from such a step is obviously very tempting. Samsung regularly sells around ten million pieces of the Galaxy S top series model, and iPhone sales are the way to go. Hundreds of millions of dollars were lost on the phone. And gave hundreds of millions will be collected for the sale of nabjeek as accessories. In the absence of headphones, both manufacturers can write a pension.

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