Buyers want more than double for the iPhone 12. And you’re still poke

He left the show only a few days ago and went to the market somewhere that week. However, this does not prevent him from being offered for sale. For the top iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 GB, buyers give even more than twice the official price.

It’s great to expect new iPhones to be cheap. As well as the idea that it is possible to go to the sun to get rich. Only beauticians try it again. You can currently find a number of offers for various iPhone 12 specifications on the eBay auction portal for amounts up to o.

Do you like the top iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB of internal memory in the dark for 93 thousand crowns? If you accept that you can have two pieces with a normal price for this trip and go in with a little left (the official Czech price of this model is 42,990 K), then I can rest easy. As a result, it would be possible Buy a one-piece iPhone 12 Pro Max with less than 256GB of memory with a hammercosmetics nickname.

Apparently it is a trolling, this seller would offer for sale two pieces at this price. The duality of this offer is undermined by the fact that it is not possible to contact him. According to eBay, it is currently not possible to respond to a specific question due to the high number of questions that have been completed. The same goes for his other advertisements, where the same model of the iPhone, however in other colors, is offered for money in the amount of 23 thousand crowns lower.

However, at the time of writing, the second most expensive offer of the iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 GB shows that with the set prices the mind is completely out of the question and really hope that there will be someone who will buy Apple’s fresh news for such an amount.

A specific retailer with pezdvkouridgysr96 requires a hundred 4,800 Australian dollars for this iPhone, ie more than 80 thousand crowns. At the same time, the official price of this made on the local market is 2,369 Australian dollars (39,125 crowns). So again a very sunny debt, namely 2,431 Australian dollars, ie in the amount of 40.1 thousand crowns.

Due to the exaggerated prices and the absence of any information about the later delivery due to the official launch date of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, we contacted the seller to ask if I had offered the piece with me. In such a case, we would understand the required contact, then we would ask ourselves how he managed to get to the new Apple, which will go into official sale and on November 13.

However, we were able to answer that the phone offered could be obtained from your supplier. The seller may have come to the conclusion that he might be bothered, as he offered him a free pass. Subsequent communication revealed that the phone would not be available until November 7. So the day after running the pre-order on the top model 12 Pro Max. To be sure, to go once he repeated the free sending of the phone, the standard would cost more than 2.3 thousand crowns.

The current offers (not only) of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB of memory on the auction portal with the set prices are only exceptionally bluntly. This is surprising due to the fact that the day from the seller or the buyer does not offer its own exclusive exclusive day. Everyone will be able to fulfill their ties and after Apple officially launches its biggest news this year. So, at a time when it will be available at the Apple Store and Apple brick-and-mortar stores for the standard retail price.

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