Customs officers confiscated the falen Apple headset, it was a competing model

US customs have confiscated the delivery of two thousand wireless headphones, believing that someone is trying to send an illegal imitation of Apple’s AirPods to the United States. In fact, it was about completely legitimate models from the competing OnePlus.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has boasted of its official FalP Air Jet falcon ride on Twitter. At first glance, the headphone package is clear that it is not a bottom copy, but a completely legitimate Buds model from our OnePlus. To this point, he also issued a press release, in which he also boasts about the protection of American citizens from fraud.

It is, of course, undeniable that the handset really did look like an Apple model in several respects, but the imitation of Apple’s design has been a reality for many years. We in the newsroom have also tried a copy of Apple’s wireless headphones, which cost only a hundred crowns.

However, the packaged American customs confiscated headphones clearly indicate that OnePlus does not meet anyone’s place and, in short, sells a similar-looking and functional model under its own brand. After all, a similar model has many other manufacturers like you, Huawei and Xiaomi (for more, see One of the external hits: buy sunless stones for 690 crowns).

The customs office then sent the code that these counterfeits could cause, to almost 400 thousand US dollars, ie about 9 million crowns. In fact, the OnePlus headphones, which are usually sold for $ 79 each, are worth only about 3.5 million crowns. Even so, it’s a bag for the OnePlus problem;

The American branch of OnePlus has responded to the situation with humor, at least externally, even under the change of the tweet of customs and border protection, it replied with the words Hey, return them !, assuming that the whole situation is the first way.

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