Extractor selfie fok also take pictures of cyclists on a table near a broccoli tree

The Czech character Vivo has prepared a concept phone that has a slide-out selfie camera. There would be nothing so special about it, but in this case you can unclip the camera from the phone and then there are no limits to creativity.

Practical innovation or replacement of dead ends? That’s the point of view, in which case Vivo Ifea is just the concept that first won the award-winning Red Dot Design. This does not mean anything at all, but at least the concept began to be talked about, otherwise it would fit in the print section of the first website.

The principle is relatively simple. A normal-looking smartphone does not have a selfie camera visible in front, which is slid from the top of the phone. This is not unusual either, such as the use of many devices, especially brands. Last year, above all, it was a major innovation, but the construction is usually uncomplicated, so this one didn’t really make it into the world.

What is noticeable about the Ifea concept was the use of a camera slider. This can be separated from the phone after ejection and then used in a completely different perspective. According to the manufacturer, you should place the camera on the table and take a self-portrait with a bird at the table, without the need for a selfie or for the photographer to reach out with the phone.

He used them for photographing and taking some objects on the table, here he had a separate camera that could conjure an interesting perspective. And according to the propagated video of the characters, the photomodule can be pinned on the dog’s collar and watch the world through his gaze.

The video should show the real use of the device and its disconnected camera, but the technical details are not known. From the photos it is clear that the selfie camera has two lenses of unknown resolution and it must be a source of energy in a very small body. But its capacity and vdr are unknown. Respectively, a small stand with a battery can be connected to the module. The signal is transmitted to the phone via Bluetooth.

Without a phone, the camera will not work, the smartphone is controlled and its display is logically a sight. The camera can also be controlled by voice, and a waterproof case and clips for attaching the camera to the dog’s collar are intended as accessories. It was also thought of a possible loss, as soon as you move away with the phone disconnected from the camera, an alarm will sound on the phone. That’s smart.

The interesting thing is that the system will allow you to exchange cameras for another, you with a different optics.

The whole idea is a bit reminiscent of a camera. They actually started the whole mobile photo, when the manufacturers were not able to integrate fok into the phone. If it is about the years 2002 and 2003 and this time it was not a blind alley as a technological necessity. Additional photos to siemensm or sony ericssonm can be remembered here.

Recently, Motorola prepared an additional camera for its Moto Z Play modular phone. She invited the famous character Hasselblad to collaborate, but it wasn’t a big shower.

Vivo is one of the main brands of the BBK Electronics Group. According to there, the best Oppo and young characters Realme, OnePlus and IQOO. Vivo itself is not yet born in Europe, you in the Czech Republic will not sell yet, but it also applies to Oppo. On the contrary, OnePlus is well known in Europe and has now started operating directly in the Czech Republic, while Realme has been active on the domestic market for a year.

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