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In the course of five years, Sally Gilesov paid a total of 1,200 pounds, ie in the amount of 36,000 crowns, to the British operator EE for the promise of this party. Dajn was to apply for a competition for valuable prizes. That’s what I refuse.

I was completely bricked up, I respected the damage, Gilesov described for the British BBC portal the first feelings after finding out that the EE operator, without her knowledge and permission, worked for more than five years for three and a half pounds a week (almost 135 crowns). According to her, she paid for a promise she had never ordered.

The operator stated that it was a paid part in the competition of the British company Xinion, which is owned by the BMCM Group. The contestant stated that Gilesov signed up to their vows in July 2015. She refused to do so with darkness. No evidence was provided that she did so.

Insist that I had to visit the website and enter my phone number there. I never did that. I would never do anything like that, she emphasized.

She learned about regular readings and turned on other matters, and she turned to the operator. An employee of the infoline asked if in my fees, which are so many years old. Although Gilesovmsn checked the printout, but due to the fact that the fee was not specified, she believed that it was a charitable gift, which she has provided from time to time, also a fee for the purchase of mobile data.

At the same time, this was not a negligible amount due to the fact that the prices of the EE operator’s tariff range in the range of data volumes from 13 to 41 pounds (approximately 386 and 1,220 crowns). According to Giles, according to the sweat, he paid 18 and 22.5 pounds more in the given month, ie in the amount of about 535 and 670 crowns.

Don’t worry, I didn’t even play the lottery, nor did I sign up, she told the British portal and added: The proof is that I’ve never played the game. Would I pay £ 4.50 a week and never play it?

Pihlen proves the party’s service provider

According to Paul Muggleton, the founder of Phone-paid Services Consumer Group, in such cases it is important whether the customer has ever signed up for the service.

People who are deceived or unknowingly sign a contract are not subject to it. This is a basic consumer first. People need to know where they are going, he said, proving that the burden of proof is always on the party’s service provider. He must prove that the customer has signed up for such a service.

Muggleton is convinced that a customer who has not done so, and despite his associated fees, would, in the event of proof of his ignorance of participation in such a competition, win the lawsuit.

Gilesov teamed up with Xinion and paid for the money. She turned her down. Therefore, the complaint was addressed to the staff of the series, however, it was informed that it would take several months to discuss. The only one that seemed to be the litigation. However, the medial interest of the EE operator was to negotiate with Xinion, which then decided to surrender Giles’ pension. Pr as a gesture of good luck.

The BBC has found that in recent years there have been many similar complaints about British rule. However, since last November their number has been declining, the rules for the provision of three-party services in the United Kingdom have been tightened.

Similar fraud has not escaped the Czech Republic in the past

In this context, it is impossible not to mention the case, which also affected Czech mobile users. In mid-2019, O2 customers used the services of a party that they did not order. It was launched to join the GameMine services, operated by GM Europe Limited with a registered office in Malta, with a fee of 119 crowns. It was hit by a bad party several times a month.

The operator then called for obesity. According to the Czech telecommunications series, deceived customers should, due to the nature of the service, which does not promise electronic communications, turn to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. According to t, this supervisory body over this type of service is the Czech National Bank. Some customers got their pensions back, but it was bad. Moreover, it was not the first such game of GameMin, it took place in Poland in a year or two (see More to pay, but they did not order anything. In the background is a company from Malta).

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