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The vision of high winnings in the television competition and the relatively easy path to kn can be tempting. In addition, when you just pick up the phone, call the phone and wait for the connection to the studio. Failed? What a payoff. You better not try again. Esk telekomunikan ad warns against the hardness of lines with a calculated price.

Recently, T recorded a consumer case, for whom the vision of winning the TV competition was so appealing that she apparently did not want to give up without a fight. Within one minute, she managed to make several calls to the line with the published price, ie to the word, from which you can find out both the way and the method of charging for such free time. So she hung up, which was not connected to the TV studio, and repeated the call in an attempt to be connected.

In one real minute, she made several phone calls, which always led to a new start of free minutes, T said in a new monitor first. He then clarified that instead of the usual freight according to the length of the call, the consumer was, due to the nature of the call line, usually a new connection. Participation in those hour-long television competitions cost her several tens of thousands of crowns.

In this case, T points to the looseness of looseness on the so-called colored lines, especially in the case of lute and rainbow categories. That is, the lines that start with slices 9, which are lines with a price per minute of a call, are often used for a fee in TV shows, in consumer competitions and at home. The rate is determined by the slice for the quarter and pt position.

It is necessary to pay attention to the whole pedsl, ie the first part. From this, it is deduced whether the call to such a line is taken for minutes (lines 900, 906, 909 and 976) or whether there is a one-time connection fee regardless of the length of the call (line 908). In addition, this position determines the nature of the service, where, for example, zero means multimedia content, while nine means erotic services.

Pklady vpotu ceny voln
Pedsl Zpsob hours ceny Pklad 4th and 5th slice determining the price Vyuit sla Price in K
vetn DPH
900 4. a 5. slice uruje
price per minute
900 951 234 95 Business,
professional, advertising
a soutn
95 K / min
906 4. a 5. slice uruje
price per minute
906 705 678 70 Business,
professional, advertising
a soutn
70 K / min
908 Singlerzov price for
4th and 5th slice joined
determines the price
908 791 234 79 Services
with single rose
the price is used
day. pro
79 K
for connected
909 4. a 5. slice uruje
price per minute
900 509 123 50 Get rid of services
for adults
50 K / min
976 4. a 5. slice uruje
price per minute
976 951 234 95 Pstup k veejn datov sti
ak sti internet
95 K / min

For this category (lute and rainbow category – note editorial staff) pay the price significantly higher than for other color lines and regular calls, and therefore the consumer should be careful and consume the price of the call in advance, warns T.

It should be noted, however, that in this example, behind the astronomical track, the consumer’s relentless desire to call the television studio because of visions at first glance is easy to play.

The company will also be asked to get acquainted in detail with the price and method of making such a call before leaving for the first minute. They should study the conditions of the part in the given competition, including the probability of a possible game.

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