He fell asleep next to his cell phone. Rno poured him dead

An uncharged mobile phone may have become fatal to a young man from the entrance province of Onburi. Strc, who did not respond to his phone calls the next time, found only his helpless body. According to the local police, the young man died after the electric shock. Urna autopsy and nazen autopsy.

The Neastn event took place on the night of June 30-31. The body of his twenty-year-old nephew Saghtong Sornali was found by his one-year-old strcPas Uthai. According to the Daily Mailproto, the young man arrived at the apartment, where Sornali rented a room, because the young man did not respond to the day from several phone calls.

If his nephew woke up and after the meeting he went to the usual Saturday shift to the local car. He peered out the window into the room and saw Sonrali in bed. He did not respond to the bottom of his throat. Fearing for his life, he overcame the window fuse and broke into the room. Zhy found out that his nephew was short of breath.

Pivolan rescued only stated death, according to them, the young man was dead at that moment for several hours. Uthai did not know that he was accidentally dead, according to him, his nephew was healthy, did not suffer from all his health problems. The rescuers proved him right: they are convinced that the young man died after the electric shock.

Dislocations and swelling appeared on the forearm of his left hand, and next to it a mobile phone connected to a charger connected to an extension cord. The local police did not find any signs in the town pointing to a violent death. The police said that there was a non-standard extension cord next to the dead man. The exact pinnacle of death is never determined and after the autopsy.

This is far from an isolated case. Only about a month and a half or two became a similar net in Thailand. At that time, they gave birth to their teenage daughter without signs of life for hours after she went to her room to put a house of cola. She didn’t respond to her grandmother’s call to veei. Two had sprains on her neck and on the scent, and in one hand she worked an ohoel mobile phone connected to a charger (see Calling her for more, but she didn’t drink.

In May of this year, two of his co-workers poured the helpless body of his friend. He missed two days, which was unusual in his case. They therefore set out to find out what the dark vz. At home he was poured dead, he was lying on a mattress under the window with a phone connected to the charger (for more see Pour him dead. He held a smartphone connected to the charger in his hands).

They all apparently ignored the repeated calls of mobile manufacturers, who strongly warned against the use of non-original accessories. Especially chargers, cables and batteries from all unknown manufacturers. There are two similar fatal accidents.

If it is not just a matter of Thailand and developing countries, he showed the fall of the middle of last year. At that time, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority revealed the danger of offers from it on the domestic market. It immediately stopped selling them (see Do not use these offers for more information. They can be fatal once, warns OI). Just a few months later, the number of forbidden charges on the Czech market expanded to a total of five models (for more see Beware of these dangerous mobile phone charges. They can even kill).

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