Huawei didn’t have a good quarter. Domc market only blamed Xiaomi

Interestingly, the research agency Canalys published it. Udv selling smartphone for tet tough on nskm market. It is distant, but its structure is interesting for us.

The German market is, of course, huge, with a quarter of 100 million smartphones sold here. Last year, the darkness came true for you, the darkest 98 million phones were sold. This year alone, the situation is in the mountains, mezzanine sales fell by a sharp 15 percent to 83 million units.

The decrease is mainly related to coronavirus pandas, even though the two have just arrived and there are currently practically no problems there, at least according to official releases. Only the world is globalized, so the economic impact will certainly be there.

The decline in the market found essentially all the hallmarks, with one exception. This is Xiaomi, who has been very successful. These signs in the domestic market grew by a significant 19 percent. And when we are at the home market, and at the request of Apple it pays for all the prominent characters. It has not been possible to go abroad for many years.

In addition, even in the case of Czech brands, the market is very closed, dominated by three characters plus Apple and the rest is on the same table.

Huawei is completely dominant, and despite the decline it is still over 40 percent of the market, which is a huge dominance, but expected more. Huawei’s meziron fell by a significant 18 percent, selling 34.2 million smartphones. Aunt Oppo, who sold 13.9 million units, recorded the same decline. The type of Vivo was better, sold by 13 percent of the machine to me, in particular it was 15.3 million pieces.

Dr. Xiaomi’s fourth position, we changed her as he rose. The company sold 10.5 million pieces of smartphone and dr tm 13 percent of the German market. Apple is asking for Apple with sales of 5.1 million units and a minimal decline of one percent.

In the overview, there are many errors of many well-known European brands, and it is Lenovo / Motorola, Realme, TCL and others, such as ZTE or Nubia. It is obvious that these features must basically be tried outside the domestic market. It is simply disassembled and it is impossible to penetrate it in any fine.

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