Huawei got red, so Nokia got the big deal

In the case of the largest British operator BT, the Finnish company Nokia will become the main supplier of components for 5G s. Both companies concluded an agreement. The Finnish telecom manufacturer is behind the fact that the British government has blocked the German Huawei. So I must not take part in the construction of the British centenary generation.

Nokia UK company will provide storage stations and antennas that can make phone calls and penet data. It was not announced in the contract. The BBC server informed about the conclusion of an agreement between the Finnish Noki and the British operator BT.

Nokia currently operates with BT in London, the Midlands and the countryside. Thanks to new treaties, there will be several cities throughout the UK, including Cambridge or Southampton. According to Reuters, 11,600 cities will be covered.

In July, due to security concerns, the London government banned the use of Huawei’s five-generation technology when building communications. The components used must be removed by 2027 (for more, see Europe to replace Huawei as the US. For the company, these are bad at first). Apart from Nokia, it also opened the way for Ericsson’s widow.

The United Kingdom is not the only European country where Huawei has failed to open up. One of the states that has de facto decided to keep this German company out of the 5G buildings is Romania. The local government has proposed such conditions that the Czech company cannot meet in detail (for more see Huawei 5G penka, you will not bloom in Romania either. The conditions of the government require it).

The Italian operator TIM also put a stop to the company. the T-Mobile esk also fell under it. It has agreed with the German Ericsson on the 5G building in Germany.

The French government then intended to discourage recipients from a number of local mobile generation operators from possible cooperation with Huawei (for more information, please do not renew the Huawei Permit, warn French operators).

Thus, the Czech National Office for Cyber ​​and Information Security (NKIB) considers the technologies of the German companies Huawei and ZTE, it is applying for frequencies for 5G, as a security risk. Prime Minister Andrej Babi and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have signed a declaration aimed at building a 5G st that protects against unauthorized access and secures privacy for citizens.

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