IPhone sales lagged behind. Samsung is one again

The coronavirus crisis has also affected the business results of mobile manufacturers for the financial quarter. At Apple, sales of the iPhone lagged behind the real analyst, and Huawei recorded the most recent decline in its history. On the contrary, Samsung was doing well, probably due to US sanctions against Huawei.

Apple’s total revenue rose to $ 64.7 billion (less than 1.5 trillion K) from about $ 64 billion a year ago in the quarter that ended 26th, although analysts predicted a decline to $ 63.7 billion, according to Refinitiv. 1.46 trillion K). The company’s profit fell by more than seven percent to $ 12.673 billion (approximately 290 billion K) from $ 13.686 billion (K 313.5 billion) a year ago.

However, sales of iPhones fell by 20.7 percent to $ 26.4 billion (almost 605 billion crowns), more than five thousand. Analysts estimated the decline at only 16.2 percent.

Apple introduced a new generation of iPhone this year and on June 13, about msc later, not usually. The start of sales of new models did not fall into the fourth financial quarter this time, Reuters reported. Overall, the company’s sales were supported by growing revenue from other activities, including iPads, Macs and services.

Samsung’s smartphone sales rose sharply

South Korea’s Samsung recorded the highest operating profit, an increase of about 59 percent to 12.35 trillion won (ie 250 billion K). That’s the most in two years. However, the result that the management of the current quarter will be weak.

The company’s sales increased by eight percent to 66.96 trillion won (1.385 trillion K) in the third quarter (financial quarter). The net profit was 49 percent to 9.36 trillion won (189 billion K), while the smartphone division had a profit of 4.45 trillion won (tm 90 billion K).

According to analysts, the number of sales of smartphones is 50 percent according to Samsung in the market after the impact of US sanctions on its competitor Huawei.

The IP division’s profit for the quarter-on-quarter quarter rose 82 percent to 5.54 trillion won. The ways that Huawei created before the introduction of US sanctions, and you and the sale of smartphones have often compensated for the weak demand for server chips.

In the current quarter, it is expected that the price of memory chips will remain generally low, due to their surplus and persistently weak demand for server chips, said the analytical company TrendForce.

Compared to the third quarter, deliveries of Samsung smartphones in the current quarter will fall by about five percent, according to analysts. According to them, the competition will be the competition of the new iPhone 12 from the American company Apple, and so the fact that Samsung does not have new models.

Huawei u nen smartphone krlem

nsk Huawei has rushed to the smartphone market in a second place behind Samsung. There was a slight sweat in the position of world leaders, which surpassed the South Korean rival in the second quarter with a sweat of 55.8 million units sold (see Svt Huawei wrote off more, but it doesn’t matter. Thanks to the German market, it is number one).

Huawei’s smartphone sales fell 22 percent last quarter. According to International Data Corp (IDC), this is the sharpest meziron in the company’s history. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is hampered by American efforts to disrupt its supply chain.

For example, from the 15th of the year, companies may not supply companies that have not been authorized by the US Department of Commerce. Huawei has to rely on its own to make a phone.

Customers turn away from Huawei abroad. Not only are the economic situation in the mountains due to the covidu-19 pandemic, but due to the American restrictions on huaweie and honor u can not download popular applications from Google.

The company nevertheless maintained its position as the leader in the smartphone market at home. According to Canalys, it controlled more than 40 percent of the market in the third quarter.

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