Prvn mobiln s LTE na Msci dod Nokia. A nen to vzdlen sci-fi

If you get to Msc after 2022, you will also find the LTE mobile signal there. Nokia will build for NASA for the first time there.

Of course, the mobile phone on the Earth satellite will not be intended for tourists, just don’t look there. But the Americans are carrying out the return of human crews to the MSc and begin preparing the infrastructure to be able to build a permanent settlement on the MSC.

NASA (National Aviation and Space Agency) has therefore placed contracts for the supply of the necessary infrastructure. One of them is the first mobile phone that can communicate with other devices on the surface of Msce. In addition, it should be used primarily for real-time control, such as lunar carts and more. But it will also handle voice communication for astronauts and provide real-time video transmissions.

Of course, Nokia will not use a common ground for such a network. Therefore, develop special modules that will be extremely compact with very low power consumption and that will be self-configuring. The lunrn module from Intuitive Machines should be delivered to Msc.

The device will consist of LTE storage stations with integrated EPC (Evolved Packet Core), end receivers, antennas and software. Ve will be done in such a way that it nron conditions at Msci and at the same time it must be small and easy due to transport there. In the future, bt mon should be upgraded to 5G.

Mobile at Msci will be part of the efforts of the American space agency to drill human beings into the nearest natural satellite of the planet Earth, until 2024. NASA has been working on a project called Artemis for several years. and begin to settle the settlement of this cosmic body.

According to CNN, NASA will pay $ 370 million (8.6 billion K) to more than twelve companies to deploy the necessary technology on the surface of Msce. The system is first and 4G. For Nokia, or rather for its bite Bell Labs, $ 14.1 million (K 328 million) is set aside from the planned pensions.

Nokia is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile infrastructure together with Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE.

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