Samsung canceled Black Friday and untied the price of this product

The term is a real black bird, so the manufacturers prepare the action. Samsung named it as a colorful bird and unleash the price of this product. This Huawei is a traditional name for a great price for a great tablet.

In recent years, retailers, at least in the Czech Republic, have made Black Friday potato shops out of stores. Call them sales events all year round. But the real ern bird will come on November 27 this year. Black Friday is an original American affair that starts selling first. And it’s the first bird after Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November.

Even the events of Samsung and Huawei do not have much in common on November 27 alone. But at least Dr. November and salary on that day. Samsung’s events began with estho and Huawei on the second of November and on the 29th and 30th of November, respectively.

Samsung tried to be original, so it turned black into a colorful bird. His event is relatively clear and simple, but for many difficult to use, and quite interesting.

You simply choose the product features (not the ones, only those) that are currently in stock in the company’s store, and the cheapest one will be free. This theoretically means and aunt’s discount on all smartphones features (of course, televisions, slingshots, refrigerators, accessories, and so on) if you buy the same products that are possible. There will be a discount on the mix, of course.

Here’s an example: buy 2x the latest model Samsung S20 FE for 16,990 K and one of the same model with 5G for 19,990 K, pay only the price and one cheaper, so the average each piece costs 12,326 K. This is of course a great price . You just have to buy phones that you don’t usually think. When asked by the editors, Samsung confirmed that you can buy even the same products.

The coincidence is that the promotion also pays for other goods, and if you want to furnish your household, then save me. For the rest, the eenm got two recipients, which may not be easy. The coincidence is that Samsung finalizes the budget so that for each product you get the price of the cheapest product, so it is clear and concise. Details of the event can be found on the company’s website.

Huawei se dr Black Friday

Huawei has introduced the well-known name Black Friday and has high prices for a large product from its portfolio. Of course, a lot of devices, mobile phones and tablets do not support Google services, which is very limited for many customers.

In the case of the Mate Pad Pro tablet for an acne of 10,990 K (originally 15,990 K), this might not matter. The current year’s model of the spade tablet was really successful, and most of the necessary services, which Huawei can use on the tablet due to the American embargo of mistakes, can be consumed easily. In addition, for the stated price, you get a keyboard, a case and a stylus. And let’s add that the tablet is in the LTE version, ie also with a mobile connection.

You won’t have to deal with problems with the absence of Google services with the D15 laptop for the acne of 13,990 K (from the original 16,490 K), which you and your backpack will receive. Or with the Free Buds 3i headphones for acne 1,790 K instead of the original 2,790 K.

Google services also have (basically losk) Nova 5T phones for 6,990 K (22 percent discount) or P30 Lite 64 GB for 4,490 K (18 percent discount). With only the Huawei services, you can choose the P40 for 15,990 K (20 percent discount + drek in the form of Free Buds 3 headphones) and the P40 Pro for 22,990 K (18 percent discount + drek as in the P40).

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