Samsung has dramatically reduced the price of spade models. Uette and 13,500 crowns

Samsung vz offers a 20 percent discount on select A-Series models and tablets. And you can save 10,000 crowns on the top models of the S and Z series. Some sellers then add their own discounts.

Those interested in a spade model from the current S20 series can now save CZK 7,500. The manufacturer will currently offer such a discount on the S20 Ultra 5G model. Instead of the original 37,500 crowns, the phone will currently cost 29,990 K.

The bag can be given 3,500 crowns, when you offer Samsung to buy your star mobile phone. The stated amount will be added as a bonus to the purchase price. You can even pay 7,500 crowns from Mobil Poohednost, again it is a bonus when buying an old device. In this case, the discount bag is conditional on the purchase of the S20 Ultra for installments. This discount salary until Monday 14. z.

Samsung provides a discount on the Z Flip model, more precisely on the original variant without 5G support. The new model with 5G started to be sold only recently and costs 42,990 K, the original Z Flip standard table 39,990 K. Only now it will cost 10,000 crowns cheaper, ie for 29,990 crowns. Then you can get an additional discount of 3,500 crowns when buying old equipment. This discount is long-term.

The final price of 26,490 K is thus the same as the current price of the second warehouse on the market, the original Motorola Razr. It will cost 26,990 K after the discount.

Samsung also offers discounts on selected models of the series, specifically on the A41, A51 and A71. Each of these models can be bought 20 percent cheaper. The same discount applies to selected tablets. Then bring the watch with a fifteen percent discount. See the table for details. The manufacturer states the standard prices, get a discount after applying the SAM20 or SAM15 code. Action salary until the end of.

Zijov discounts Samsung
Model Pvodn price Discounted price
Samsung A71 11 490 K 9 190 K
Samsung A51 8 990 K 7 190 K
Samsung A41 7 990 K 6 400 K
Samsung Tab S5e wi-fi 10 990 K 8 790 K
Samsung Tab S5e LTE 12 990 K 10 400 K
Samsung Tab S6 wi-fi 19 290 K 15 450 K
Samsung Tab S6 LTE 21 490 K 17 200 K
Samsung Watch Active 2 pnsk 7 890 K 6 700 K
Samsung Watch Active 2 dmsk 7 290 K 6 200 K

Samsung has also given manufacturers to give discount promotions to basically regular MSCs. If you want a moment, I’ll give you a phone with a big discount. On the other hand, in the case of Samsung, the discounts apply to essentially the same range of devices. In the current promotion, this applies to the A-series phones, and the first models A41, A51 and A71 are regularly in the discounts this year. Other devices of this series do not.

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