Samsung’s futuristic vision looks fantastic. No bottom element

Samsung was surprised by the patent, which at a time when the majority of manufacturers are focusing mainly on folding smartphones, although unusual, it is nevertheless a very attractive mobile phone. He tackled one of the recent major trends: minimizing the line around the display. The world goes so far that the display covers 100 percent of the device’s pressure.

The traditional Dutch portal LetsGoDigital drew attention to the patent of the South Korean company. And not only that, in collaboration with the designer Guiseppe Spinelli, who called Snoreyn, he also prepared an impressive render and video presentation. They show what the phone would probably look like if Samsung’s vision was not limited to the patents in the patent.

In the imagination of a frameless smartphone, Samsung went according to what it wouldn’t have to. He patented the model, its body covering the display on both sides. In addition, petk and dog edges, not only to the sides, but also to the top, bottom and in all corners. The phone’s display therefore covers 100% of the cover.

Thus, more precisely, the body due to your curved surface covers several long displays. The main display area would be complemented by the name of the display in the curved walls of the phone. However, the user would not be able to move the content at the moment, depending on the application, it would fluctuate smoothly between the long displays. However, this would make it impossible to select the resolution of the display, so as a result it would not be possible to achieve energy savings by removing it.

e vm i pes toto netradin een with more display vision of the South Korean company nco pipomn? You’re a little right. Last year, Xiaomi surprised the unconventional Mi Mix Alpha concept. So with a smartphone, its body is usually surrounded by a display (for more see This will be the least smartphone of the year. The display has on the sides and walls). On the walls I have a dog, which are local photos. However, Samsung did not use this element. The reason is obvious: his vision is in the form of a retractable smartphone.

So a phone with a retractable eln st. By moving it, a photo set is placed backwards, which, due to the concept of the phone, fully represents even the usual front view. However, it can be assumed that due to the adapted operating system, the user would not have to deal with which part of the phone is first and which at the back.

Thus, with the possible exception of the ones integrated into the display, it can be assumed that it would be placed in only one of the main displays. The camera for scanning areas would be integrated into the same. Under the second display, due to the absence of all the usual elements, including its connector, the technology for wireless battery charging would be hidden. The speakers would be hidden as well.

In addition, Samsung also refers in the patent to a special transparent case consisting of the same phone as a two-prong phone. The mention of it is not surprising, the phone, if it got into production, would be very susceptible to mechanical damage due to its all-glass surface. According to the Dutch portal, the patent documentation also mentions, for example, the use of artificial intelligence and scanning of the surrounding area with the help of a camera.

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