Surprisingly, the Apple One subscription package is cheaper in the Czech Republic than in the USA

Apple announced a new promise of One in its new introduction of news. It is a subscription to services for individuals and families. The price of the service in Czech is surprisingly suitable.

Apple presented Slub One at the same time as new watches and tablets at the traditional live event. The usual stars, ie new iPhones, were missing. A number of them will come to them later, probably in June. Apple said earlier that this was most likely due to the current situation with coronavirus pandas on the supply chain.

Apple One is a package that completes individual Apple services. The manufacturer announced the packages, two Czech market will be woven: for individuals and families. The One Premier prize line will be available only in selected markets, where Apple will offer the News + service and where it will launch the Fitness + service in the autumn, which it presented at the event.

The first two packages are the same in the Czech Republic and in the USA or other countries. Include Music, TV +, Arcade and iCloud services. The first variant is for individuals, the second for families and only the volume of last year’s space on iCloud. For individuals it is 50 GB of data, for a family 200 GB of data. Apple did not specify the start of activation yet, as early as the autumn of this year.

esk prices are better not american

In Czech, the package for individuals will cost 285 crowns per month, for families 389 K. For comparison, in the USA the first package will cost $ 15 and the second for $ 20 msn, the content of the services is the same. If we transfer US prices at the current exchange rate, we get roughly 345 and 460 crowns. So, not how much Apple will charge for packages in the escalator.

By the way, the Premier service will be USD 30 msn in the USA, ie about 690 K in the Czech Republic.

It should be added that in contrast to two situations, when Apple generally paid higher amounts for its products in Europe than in the USA, the current salary is to multiply the American price by the current exchange rate and add domestic VAT. Bad for an individual product, sometimes it fits almost exactly, sometimes the amount is rounded up, but it’s basically frov. We must add that even American prices are stated without the local tax, this is because everywhere in the US state there is a different tax, sometimes even if the district is from the district. Me bt i zero, usually around eight and nine percent.

Ron disputes two thousand crowns

Back to the Apple One service. If the customer uses all the services that the package contains, then I will appreciate it. In the Czech Republic, msn subscription to the Music service for individuals costs 149 crowns (69 for students and 229 K for families) msn. Sluba Apple TV + will cost 139 crowns (students have it in Music prices), iCloud will cost msn at 50GB loit at 25 K and 200GB at 79 K. And finally Arcade costs msn 139 K.

Together, the individual would pay 452 crowns, for the family, the individual services would cost 586 K. dispute so inn 167 and 197 crowns msn, respectively. The first msc is free, then the package is automatically renewed, but it is without a volume, it can be deactivated at any time.

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