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The Taiwanese HTC character was one of the leading games in the mobile market. In recent years, it has not been possible to keep up with the competition, so the market has withdrawn from most. This does not mean, however, that mobile phones hung up softly. Recently, it introduced its first 5G smartphone, so you may feel comfortable with the idea of ​​a compact model.

In the past, Nokia in Finland has made sure that the advent of new technologies in the mobile industry does not fall asleep. And so we are witnessing how the current mobile manufacturers are trying to get you on an imaginary train with folding smartphones. that jet vtina did not represent a real product? Nevad. The fact that they take note of this trend is also proven by patent pins. One such example is the first Taiwanese HTC.

The patent application for the smartphone folder was filed by the company at the end of last year in the USA, the document was published in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on August 20 this year. The interesting thing is that the patent system is a detailed analysis of the storage mechanism. Especially the boards do not escape attention, except above the edges of the phone.

Below them, the hinge is supported by a hinge mechanism in the form of a set of gears. It is not just a matter of ensuring a smooth opening of the phone, according to the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, which pointed out the patent, this mechanism can thus reduce the probability of a faulty display. He also points to the other side of the coin of such an een.

In the folded state, these plates are penny over the edge of the phone. Therefore, the risk of their damage cannot be ruled out when you insert the phone into the pocket of your trousers unintentionally, when the first element protruding above the surface of the phone could get stuck on its edge. Don’t say that uncertainties are likely to be captured.

HTC’s idea of ​​a folding smartphone is inspired by ever-old mobile phones. Motorola was the first to support them in a modern form, when it revived the legendary Razr. Samsung also introduced its own smartphone cover (Galaxy Z Flip), and its first folder, the Galaxy Fold mobile phone, opens like a book. HTC would be lined up alongside these companies, but it would make its own way.

Both Motorola and Samsung have a display inside the screen when folded, so in both cases there is a secondary display panel on the outside. HTC would be able to stand with a single display. The large flexible display is made up of the phone. HTC would thus be significantly more prone to damage than its competitors. On the other hand, the elimination of the need for a secondary display would reduce production costs, which could be reflected in a favorable price.

The Dutch portal of traditions, based on patent drawings, created a 3D visualization of the form of the HTC folder. However, the patent does not have a design page, then expands on traditional elements such as physical buttons, connectors and cameras.

However, the actual visualization was based on current trends and so on the recently introduced 5G model U20 Pro (for more see K neuven. HTC introduced two new smartphones, which you probably do not buy), which is equipped with a display ring. He also got the mistake of the Taiwanese HTC folder, the main camera, on the other hand, creates the video as a set of tech images. So HTC U20 Pro does not have one mn.

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