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Flexible displays have not only enabled the advent of folding smartphones, so mobile manufacturers inspire you to view often unusual een. For example, LG has patented a smartphone that is reminiscent of an unusually years old unusual nokia. Its troops will not only accommodate the display.

There were also a large number of mobile manufacturers. So a vision of a really compact device from which the user will pull out a flexible display. Their deployment, ie the path to compact smartphones, went in a different direction. At least for now. However, even in the case of infiltrated inflatable smartphones, it is not an easy technology. Manufacturers and pesto stle look to the future.

Proof of this is the patent of LG granted according to the information of the Dutch portal LetsGoDigital1. z, piem patents The application was filed with the Patent and Trademark Association (USPTO) at the end of last year. So at the time when it was officially introduced, two stackable smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280

LG’s future of flexible displays is seen in a truly compact device. One of the ways is that the device is equipped with a scrollable display panel. The flexible display will not be hidden in the appliance if it is not used. According to LG, such a phone could take the form of a small prism. It is probably reminiscent of the former Nokia 7280, which was a rarity rather than a large mobile phone.

However, it is clear from the patent drawings that LG in this case also has the possibility of various modifications of the print. This could remind you of a drop when looking at the bottom and top. In both cases, the manufacturer would receive a photo apparatus in such a device, and the model’s drop-like plan view would be at a loss on the surfaces of the usual design. In his case, the LG sweat with a stylus. This, like the display, should be hidden in your smartphone.

LG has patented a prism - shaped smartphone in his

On the outer surfaces there is the usual control button, the upper surface is also equipped with an elongated external display. The manufacturer would also include a camera in the compact device, but in this respect a bit of a conspiratorial concept: due to the compactness of the device, the user would only have to laugh with one image.

LG’s idea is to recall Samsung’s patent on a wavy smartphone with a scrolling flexible display. At the same time, this South Korean competitor also introduced a second alternative, ie a prism-shaped phone around which a flexible display will be sacrificed (for more see Samsung, it has patented the display of the future. Wrapping around). This would leave much more space for other hardware, but the display would be prone to damage compared to a design that would wrap it in its own parts.

This is not the first time that South Korean mobile characters are ever the same in their visions. Both of them had her patented a mobile device that can be wrapped around the back. In this case, however, each of the manufacturers went their own way: while Samsung combines the advantages of a flexible display and a long segment on the walls of the phone hiding the batteries (see more Smartphones will be worn as bracelets, Samsung invented it), so the LG concept resembles a digital back pressure gauge. (For more, see Looks Like a Pressure Gauge. Try LG with a smartphone on hand).

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