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Apple has unveiled a new generation of watches that offer a variety of physical activity. They are not the only new model, together with the company the company also unveiled the cheaper Watch SE.

Quite traditionally, new models of Apple Watch smart watches appear at the Apple conference in September, and this year is no exception. Opt bag is not a bottom pelomov model, the new Series 6 opt adds a new feature, there is a little extra power, but at first glance only a little changes, the design for some time does not leave the company as it is.

The main novelty of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the reduction of blood oxygen saturation. In the state (in percent) evaluate u in 15 seconds men. The new sensor will not only help to accurately change your health, but Apple promises, in cooperation with experts, to change the way to help integrated sensors determine whether a user is infected with coronavirus. An interesting function in the current pandemic is to monitor the first hand washing with the help of a gyroscope. Dalm’s new sensor is then so vvrr.

The heart of the new watch is the dual-core S6 processor, which should have a 20 percent higher performance than the model. Apple also promises that you will not run on battery power, and the new watch will still offer the usual 18-hour battery on a single charge. The novelty, however, is a fast charge, the battery will reach its full state in an hour and a half. Integrated GPS is also present here.

esk watch prices Watch 6, Watch SE and Watch 3
Watches Size 40 mm Size 44 mm
Watch 6 with bnm emnkem and Nike version 11 490 K 12 290 K
Watch 6 with knitted pattern or stroke 12 890 K 13 690 K
Watch 6 with metal emblem (pull) 19 990 K 20 790 K
Watch SE s bnm emnkem 7 990 K 8 790 K
Watch SE with a knitted plaid or stroke 9 390 K 10 190 K
Watch SE with koenm emnkem with sand 10 790 K Nen
Watch SE with metal emblem (pull) 16 490 K 17 290 K
Watch 3 (dark ed or silver) 5 790 K 6 590 K

The display, which is now clearer and more readable in bright sunlight, has also been slightly improved. This is a well-known Retina panel with a resolution of 368 by 448 pixels and a flap of 1.78 inches. In the Always On mode, new interactive notifications appear next to the time, and you can easily set them up without even waking up the watch fully.

Apple Watch 6
Apple Watch 6

The new watch has a version of the WatchOS 7 system, among its new functions you need to monitor the quality of the buckle, a new fitness application with the support of the Fitness + program or you have new dials with various functions for different situations and permits. A novelty is the function of a shared family approach, where you can, for example, manage the watches of your children that the iPhone does not have.

When we changed the Fitness + service, it is the first time to watch the watch, when Apple will offer you a library of videos of personal trainers for a fee (US $ 10), with which you can practice different sets and types of exercises, and then watch all the data according to the data. However, the service will only be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You will be able to buy the Apple Watch Series 6 in a basic variant with an aluminum case in blue, ed, silver or gold. They will be on sale from 11,490 crowns. For the same pension, then give the red Product (RED) edition, which is the first time for a watch. Apple offers a steel and titanium version, but is not available in the Czech Republic at the moment. As usual, 40 or 44mm versions can be submitted. In the Czech Republic there are still errors in the LTE version (we talked about it in the Pro link, don’t you sell Apple Watch with LTE in the Czech Republic?

A design novelty is a special threading bag, which, as in this case, does not have a piece of sand, and the user only has to stretch it on his hand. There are several variants, both classic silicone and knitted from silicone and nylon. There is also a Nike edition trainer. You can pre-order the news today, it will be on sale on Friday the 18th.

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch SE

In addition to the Series 6 model, Apple has unveiled a lightweight and cheaper Apple Watch SE, which should basically replace the Series 3. The model is still on sale. The advantage of the SE model is, compared to three years of starm type, the vt display. It shares several functions with the Series 6 model, such as your integrated GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, in-ear, heart rate sensor, depending on the quality of the switch or hand washing. I’m missing a sensor that changes the acidity of the blood.

The watch moves a dual-core S5 processor, which does not achieve the same capabilities as the S6, but the watch should still be more powerful than the Series 3 model it is trying to replace. There is also the WatchOS 7 system with all its advantages.

Apple Watch SE are available in 40 or 44mm size variants and in the colors of the aluminum case: ed, silver and gold. Their price is set at 7,999 korunch and they will be on sale in the same way as Series 6, ie with pre-orders from today and the start of sales on bird.

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