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Does anyone around you take time with a mobile phone in hand? One Australian retailer offers this problem easily and cheaply. It takes the form of a miniature rise of the cell. However, other objects can be placed under the confusion, on which there is a verticality. Especially among parents, this tweak has become a hit.

At one time, the great punishment for children was the destruction of watching television. Many of us remember to go for it. Today, the bag punishment is specially confiscated from the mobile phone. He’s just hiding it so that his offspring can’t find him, he wants a little twinkle. At the same time, the memory: forgetting where you hid it so long can be quite easy after the whole day. This is also one of the reasons for Australian parents to crave a relatively unusual product from the city of Kmart.

Her name is Phone Jail and her name is mainly what she is for. It is a miniature cell, of course lockable. The only flaw in the neck is the fact that it is completely made of plastic. However, the concept makes it easy to remove a locked object. This will most often secure a mobile phone, but even a charger can be inserted into the handle.

Therefore, provided that the range is not different, or at least not with the same charging connector. At the same time, the 20 x 20 x 6 centimeter totomobile, which costs only eight Australian dollars (130 K), can also serve as a means of adhering to mobile detox.

I love it. On the phone of my twelve-year-old son. According to the Daily Mail portal, one of the mothers wrote that she didn’t want to keep playing on it all the time to the photo of the cage with the iPhone inside, which she shared at the social network.

According to her mother, she can’t take a tablet, but two xbox controllers can fit in it without any problems. Or do you just want to shoot someone who loves the neighborhood?

Not only Australian parents (Phone Jail is available in the US Kmart) praise the fact that it is easy to look at home in this way and keep your child with a mobile phone in hand. At least at all times, even during family events, they will take care of me.


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No wonder that this mobile phone is a big deal among Australians, according to the Daily Mail, even a temptation to get a piece of it. a number of them admitted that they used this gem as a drunk of both known and ptelm. One thing is nevertheless clear: children just want to find such a dragon under the tree at the years of Christmas.

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