Want a neoizen pack of iPhone? You probably have the last chance

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One of the most important innovations of the new iPhone 12 is the known reduced packaging. Apple decided to read the environment, so the phone at the two only cable. Only this innovation does not only concern new products, but also old models.

Without the charger and headphones, Apple advertises the remaining models, which, in addition to the new iPhone 12 series, was intended to be offered. The model 11, Xr and SE also cover the sporn package. Even now, you only get a cable with an Lightning connector on one side and a USB-C on the other side directly with Apple.

Do not buy new iPhones 12 otherwise, it is necessary to laugh about it. Two models will go on sale on June 23 (models 12 and 12 Pro), the other two will be released by the manufacturer on November 13 (12 mini and 12 Pro Max).

Only without a charger and headphones, the manufacturer now advertises old models in its offer, and the public has not announced anything like that. Pay it for iPhones 11, Xr and SE and pay it immediately for phones ordered directly on the Apple website. It is very likely that when the newsletter is in stock, all retailers will sell the new pack of these phones.

So if you are fulfilling you to buy one of these models at Christmas, do not hesitate to buy and ask your dealer if I still have the new packaging in stock. According to the websites of large retailers, it looks like they still have the original packaging with accessories in stock.

Uette thus 1,200 crowns, which is the amount that Apple charges for the charger, and the headset costs 590 K for these products. Alternatively, you can also buy accessories from other manufacturers, but you can also buy a new one.

Of course, not everyone needs a new charger or headphones, that’s what Apple’s wall argues. Especially with headphones, a large and many users choose two preferences for wireless models, and the original ones would not be used anyway.

New prices for previous models from June 13, 2020
64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB
iPhone 11 18 490 K 19 990 K 22 990 K x
iPhone Xr 15 490 K 16 990 K x x
iPhone SE 12 990 K 14 490 K 17 490 K x

For chargers, it’s complicated, with an iPhone you get a Lightning USB-C cable and the first type of connector is slightly problematic. The charger with a USB-C input is a name on the market, but also with a classic large USB connector.

According to Apple, the ecological packaging without Apple accessories is due to the small dimensions of the box, so that they can fit on a pallet, so it drops from transport.

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