What about Huawei smartphones? They can’t do anything without American technology

On the 15th, a new embargo on US companies will enter into force on the German company Huawei. Then there is not much power left to produce competitive smartphones.

In mid-August, the US administration stated that it has been imposing sanctions on Huawei since the 15th. It was originally introduced in May last year and this year it has been extended for another year. Huawei thus became a hostage in the American-German business wolf. Probably for a simple reason: it is the globally most probable character that has managed to reach the top in its field.

The US administration then cites safety reasons as the main reason. Huawei is also a major producer of telecommunications infrastructure, in fact the longest manufacturer in the world. Only so far, security incidents have not been made public.

Whatever the reason, Huawei has sanctions against it. So far, the biggest problem was the Android operating system. The Company may not use Google services such as U.S. companies. This means that outside the home market, the phone characters do not have the features that the vast majority of customers require from the device.

At home krlem

Huawei has done so in a way that offers longer phones, but it has to deal with strong sales. So far, he has made up for this in the domestic market, where he has become a hegemon in the last year, and in fact half of the market belongs to him. The reason is simple, Google services don’t work, so don’t interest anyone.

Only with the new sanctions will there probably be nothing to sell at home. For the supply of spade displays and memory from the Korean companies Samsung, LG or SK Hynix. For the time being, it is unofficial to talk about the end of IP add-ons for cameras from Sony and other manufacturers. And first of all, Huawei smartphones will have nothing to move. The company does not have a processor supplier.

There have been problems with ips for a long time and Huawei tried to adapt. Also from the court supplier, the Taiwanese company TSMC has pre-ordered the type ip at the earliest. Both the current Kirin 990 and a hitherto unrepresented successor, probably the Kirin 9000. And quite probably it has been redeployed by other suppliers as well.

Made in it, but with the help of American technologies

At first glance, it might seem that Huawei is just changing suppliers, which should not be a problem, where it is basically made of electronics. Jene je a zsadn.

First of all, although the vast majority of components for smartphones are manufactured, including the best ones. Only you have very often developed a company with a message outside it. The example will be the change of TSMC and Taiwanese is also given by the manufacturer ip MediaTek, Qualcomm is then an American company and so on.

Most importantly, regardless of the company and the fact that the production is likely to take place, the company’s production processes use American technologies, design proposals, software or production tools. Also, the supplier will comply with the US embargo. If they violated it, Amerian would impose an embargo on these companies as well, which would practically mean their end.

Huawei is likely to find a display supplier, the question is how high and quality is. The same will apply to other components, but again the question is whether the level is equal for the devices or at least for the middle class. The main problem is with the processor.

U ip nen alternative

The ones we find in the current smartphones are basically only from the following companies: Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek and Kirin. Only the first one at the kirin is Huawei’s design, production is provided by partners, mostly TSMC. If Huawei doesn’t get on the chips from these companies, then I say goodbye to processors at least for a medium-sized device, don’t talk about those spades.

Most suppliers of ip use software from the American companies Cadence Design Systems or Synopsys and tools for the production of ip, specifically on the basis of their etching, from the American company Applied Materials and others, recall experts.

The manufacturers are put on the market by foreign manufacturers, only their technologies are two and three generations back at the top, also from their production Huawei could build a low-end phone. Such a supplier could be SMIC, which the US administration has already indicated, because in the case of Huawei’s supplies, the company would be blacklisted and it should not use American technology.

Reimbursement will take time

And here it turns out that American companies do not produce components themselves, so they have a strong development and work on the most modern technologies. On the contrary, almost everything is produced, but our companies in the mobile business do not have patents for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Huawei, of course, has its development, but a lot of components are based on American technologies or on the production processes that American technologies use.

It is clear that Huawei is working intensively on technologies that could replace the American ones. As well as developing and owning the Harmony operating system, which wants to replace Android. And so you made a number of components, also a few months or even a year or two to be able to produce from stock.

So how do Huawei’s results go? Enough mon will have to stop the mobile phone business. Not right away, this would probably happen in a year at the latest, but problems with deliveries will manifest themselves in many two. It would certainly be best for the company to manage the American embargo. After all, many American companies are lobbying for an exemption for the Huawei business. It is a huge customer and their results will be affected by the embargo.

It is so possible that the US administration will end the embargo, but has not yet indicated what could lead it to do so. Whether there is a change at Huawei or an agreement in a business relationship with her. It is simply unknown and so far it does not look like a happy ending for the Czech character. At the same time, it will affect the entire market, where competition will decrease, which may affect the speed of innovation.

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