Xiaomi reduced the price of the spade model by 7,000 crowns. In the Czech Republic, his sale con

Leton’s top version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series are superbly equipped with phones. It’s a bit expensive, not a habit with the characters. Therefore, the local importer decided to withdraw them from the market. You can get some of them for a better price.

Acne prices for selected Xiaomi devices are valid only until the 20th century. The importer prepared the highest discounts for the Mi 10 model, specifically for its two versions with 128 or 256 GB memory. It may be one of the last possibilities how to sell this device on the Czech market, the importer terminates its sale.

The cheaper one will cost 14,990 CZK in action, thousands of crowns will be charged for this memory. The original prices were 19,990 and 22,990 K. From the pair, the expensive version is suitable, which is cheaper by seven thousand crowns.

In action you can go jet gave you models characters. In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite uette 2,000 crowns, the importer reduced the price of the phone from 9,990 to 7,990 K. The Redmi Note 8 Pro and 9 Pro models can also be used with a discount. The first will be 4,990 K, the new 9 Pro then 5,990 K. In both cases a discount of 1,500 crowns. In all cases, there are variants with 6 + 64 GB memory at a discount. Discounts should be available at most sales partner characters.

Huawei also offers discounts in the form of purchases, which depend on the price of the goods. The maximum is a discount of 3,500 crowns, but from the price it is a discount. Discounts can be applied in the manufacturer’s shop, which is not user-friendly. Find out the final price in the box, before you need to apply for a purchase, and this requires registration.

The menu includes the Huawei Mate 30 Pro (without Google services), which will be in action for 16,990 K and you will receive headphones. The P30 Pro also comes with a Watch GT case and watch. The cheaper variant with 6 + 128 GB will cost 15,990 K, the expensive version with 8 + 256 GB memory will cost 17,490 K. This model can run on Google services.

Discounts on the P40 Lite and P40 Lite E models can be obtained from cheaper devices. For many customers, the bag will be inappropriate for both models to use their own Huawei services, not Google services. Discounts Huaweie salary until 27th z.

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