An endless pistachio would be a traffic revolution. But it’s not safe

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The endless circular pistol should have a large increase in capacity before flying. At one point, several planes could crash. Lkav npad appears regularly at the age of years. But it remains a dream, because its realization is still quite dangerous.

It looks like an idea from the first of April, but someone really seized the round pistachio. The project, which has a website and boasts the support of several aeronautical research states, was created several years ago, and was newly reminded by the BBC server.

The proposal, called The Endless Runway, describes an airplaner for aircraft that resembles the race of Nascar racing cars known in the United States.

it turns out that the most ingenious ideas are the simplest in their birth. Circular runway bag between n pat only at first glance.

Test room at the Nmonm Air Force

The original idea was born after the first world of wolves, when little imagination brought circles to fly over the stop perimeters of cities, just above their centers. It was experimentally developed for a kind of world of wolves, when it was necessary to check in a small area of ​​large numbers of aircraft.


Method of pistol and take-off on brazen circles.

It was not until December 1965 that the Chicago Tribune reported that the United States Air Force had tested a circular runway. The test took place in Arizona at General Motors’ car base near Mesa. The circular runway with a diameter of 3.8 kilometers served for several days for takeoffs and pistons of military aircraft. They were single-engine North American T-28 Trojan, Douglas A-1 Skyraider, Douglas A4-B Skyhawk jets, and Douglas C-54 Skymaster transport engines from nearby Williams Air Storage.

According to the author of the article in the Chicago newspaper, tests have shown that the concept of circular runways is suitable for aircraft with a pistol speed of 130 to 150 miles per hour. Among other things, the evaluation, which sounds positive, states that pilots would have to learn completely new habits of approach and, above all, hit the aircraft after landing in a curve at high speeds. The author thus states that the concept of runway circles was patented in 1961 by the first pilot Lt. Cmdr. James R. Conway.

Lkav, but dangerous

The idea of ​​aircraft moving in the circles of the runway looks at first glance attractive. Whistle the machines smoothly, start, go to the check-in of the buildings, but don’t look at the distances. At the same time, the first factor of safety contradicts the misery of the circles of the species of the most.

Behind the plane, which is in motion, an area of ​​external currents is formed, which causes turbulence in the float. Between aircraft, during takeoff and acceleration, therefore, the safety distance must be applied, defined by time and distance parameters, in addition to the weight of each aircraft. In the case of runway circles, a new variable space would be created around its perimeter for turbulence in the float.

The distance is the responsibility of the air traffic, which has the situation imprinted on the world. Thus, the human factor significantly eliminates the potential efficiency of runway circles. Pistoning and starting on a sloping bend in the shape of an arch is then, especially at night, an ideal place to create flight illusions. This factor has led to many disasters in the history of the Air Force.

But there are also other limits, such as the drift visibility, which is measured, in the determined sec drifts between the two reference points. The end of the runway circles would thus be hampered by the possibility of installing a navigation device, which would allow the aircraft to piston while visually impaired. The Instrument Landing System (ILS) would be unusable, as the bend of the beam securing the slip plane is against physical conditions.

The sloping surface of the track then creates a different condition in case of children and dreams, not on the handle, its surface is profiled for the outflow of liquids. It is enough to imagine the winter calm and possible application of the post, as well as the closing of individual sections of the grounds due to regular gossip.

The risk of kiujcho srky traffic on departure and skin is huge. From the point of view of women in air traffic, there is a large unknown setting of departure and route routes with very criteria, which must meet, for example .

When he could fly into the arc, he could not whistle

A completely different system would mean that no pilot would cause such a flight to fly. A hint of history, I used to fly Kai-Tak in Hong Kong, where the piblen on the 13/31 runway went into an arc. In the process, the crews poured themselves on a huge red-and-white achovovka, painted on a hill above the flight, in front of which they then made a sharp right turn and sat on the runway like an airplane. Ltn on Kai-Tak could only be performed by a pilot who had previously hardened on a built-in simulator and maintained this habit on it.

In general, when a piston pilot touches the ground, it primarily strives to strike the aircraft in the direction of the runway. In situations where the runway would be in an arc and the aircraft would remain swimming above the runway, the situation would very quickly turn into a dangerous squad.

The same problem would occur on the bend in the event of any asymmetry of thrust during take-off (eg: failure on the chassis, loss of one of the engines). Thus, an emergency piston of an aircraft without a landing gear, even in any way scattering debris around it, would force the runway to close the runway for its entire length.

In Pai, they operated tangentially to fly for 360 aircraft per hour

When, after a kind of world, there was a tremendous development of civil aviation in the history of aviation, experts came up with many ideas for the types of transport flights. Their capabilities resulted from both ternn and pekk configurations, they will estimate the development of a particular fly. Some of the designs were stupid and bizarn.


Design of tangential runways at Orly Fly in Pai.

The example was the project to fly tangential runways. A total of twelve steps from the center of the radiating runways swept each other. It should be a good idea that in any wind direction it would always be possible to tie six tracks, those for starts and those for pistes. This would ensure a large capacity, in peaks, using all runways, and 360 aircraft movements per hour!

Flying of this type, but with only 10 runways, was supposed to grow up in Orly near Pae. When completing such projects, the safety of the skin and departure tracks was not a problem on the agenda. The cars were primarily architects and not experts in air transport. connected knowledge from these fields has just been born.

As it turns out, the project circles of the runway pin from the first tests in six years and to the days of time in the questions not one. But it is possible that a whole new idea will come into the world from other contributions and discussions. It is enough that the realization of the dream of endless brazenness will be the need for different parts of designed aircraft than we know today, as well as new, completely autonomous technologies that will replace the human factor in the operation of air traffic.

The experiment with the circular runway, as described in the BBC documentary, is an inspiration for both the professional and the lay public. Due to its complex complexity, the effort to find a suitable equal force for the performance of great needs in the corner of the round.

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