Build your own Slow TV booth. Hundreds of mills and drills

In winter it is necessary to feed the birds and in lt it is good to at least build a nest. The booth, which you make according to our instructions, will send opeencm in both cases. In lt as a booth, in winter as a feeder.

As part of the Slow TV project, for the second year in a row you can watch a nest of skunks in the Botanic Gardens of the Prodovdeck Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Last year, the audience turned to us with questions about how to make such a booth. The designer Petr Bako from the Harddecore studio therefore created a simplified guide that can be printed (individual sheets have an A4 size), attached to a glued hell (or other wood board) and used a pmoar saw (so-called ukalky) to recognize. It is best to drill some holes and bits with a drill.

The booth is replaced by a front wall. Simply turn it into a feeder (that’s the wall with the vtm hole). Alternatively, you can make the entrance to the feeder from both sides, as you can see in the photo in the gallery.

The smaller space above this room is for the possible placement of an IP camera for surveillance. Let’s leave Vbr vs. In Slow TV, we use professional Axis cameras, but for home use, there is practically any webcam that will take the necessary promise with its light collection and ability to focus on the required distance. Depending on the size of the mesh, it is then necessary to drill a hole in the ceiling of the booth.

Download the time and instructions for making the booth here.

When out of the treehouse, don’t forget the basic instructions so as not to give the bird a comfortable place to suffer. For example, the booth should be protected from the afternoon sun to prevent the interior from swarming. Do not hold the perch next to the booth. They will only serve in advance before hunting. The booth designed by them is especially suitable for skins and other small birds. This corresponds to both the size of the inlet opening and the space itself.

If the lb booth is used and you don’t feel like dreaming, you can buy it as a kit, which you can build without the use of any tools.

Correction: The previous version of the title was mentioned as the people’s name of the saw blade instead of the frequently used example. Thanks for being noted in the discussion.

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