Disconnect the headphone inputs from the TV, do not connect existing headphones

If you are used to watching TV in the evening with headphones on, you will be surprised when buying a new TV – the headphones will have nowhere to connect. The classic 3.5mm input is often replaced by wireless Bluetooth in new model series.

On smartphones, the 3.5 mm headphone jack will also disappear from the TV. While a few years ago the absence of headphone input was an absolute exception, today you will not find it especially in most new models of TV brands LG and Samsung.

This can be a problem especially for those who want to use their existing headphones with a new TV. The TV headset with a long cable and the old wireless headset with radio or optical audio transmission are connected to the headphone input in secret.

Several customers with her surprised her about the absence of headphone input on the TV eilo. The new models of Sennheiser wireless headphones can be connected from both the analog line input of the television and the digital optical input, and Michal Otruba from the Panter company told Technet.cz in the absence of a headphone input.

Replace the missing connector with new TVs with a Bluetooth wireless connection to which any Bluetooth headset can be connected – from simple dotted to large models with active ambient noise cancellation. The extent to which Bluetooth compression affects the quality of the resulting sound is a matter of both the implementation of transmission technology in the TV and in the headphones – if you often watch concerts, we recommend testing the sound quality with your headphones in the store.

If you are in a situation where you do not have a new TV headphone input and you do not want to invest in new headphones, you will not have much. Those who have an AV receiver or home theater system connected to the TV will be able to use their headphone inputs. With the new AV receiver, it is connected with one HDMI cable, as of specification 1.4, the so-called audio return channel (ARC) is also integrated in HDMI, thanks to which the TV sound is foamed back to the receiver. After one cable, signals from DVD and Blu-ray player, game consoles and set-top box from the receiver to the TV and TV sound back to the receiver.

If you do not want to go to the Bluetooth headphones a lot of money, but high demands on sound quality, then we can recommend an external headphone amplifier with optical digital input, which digitally connect to the TV and it will take the audio into analog and amplify for the headphones.

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