How is mt PC on the walls? M 4K distinct sense? Drink to find out

The editorial staff of is exhibiting at the Audio Video Show Prague 2017 again this year. reality with potaem on the walls.

If you have a bird 31.3. or on Saturday 1.4. as, stop by them for the Audio Video Show Prague 2017 at the Don Giovanni Hotel. We will be in Boardroom 11 and 12 on the fifth floor.

OLED, nebo QLED? In comparison, two 65 ″ TVs will be waiting for you, one brand new OLED from LG and one QLED from Samsung. Take advantage of UHD / HDR and UHD video and the participants will be able to directly compare the image quality of both competing technologies.

Is 4K different and HDR worth it? On the other two UHD TVs, this time from Panasonic, visitors will be able to compare images from UHD / HDR Blu-ray disc (or UHD Blu-ray disc) and classic FullHD Blu-ray disc. We have titles from Bontonfilm ready, always in both UHD and Full HD versions. Specifically, these are Pchoz and Sedm statench (these are in HDR), Warcraft: The First Cet, The Secret Life of a Pet and a five disc with Jason Bourne (these are not in HDR).

Analog or digitl? In the sound corner, the Pro-ject X Perience S Shape turntable with the Sumiko Blue Point insert and the correction of the Pro-ject Phono RS preamplifier, which represent the analog st. On the other hand, the digital streamer Pro-ject will be Stream Box RS, with a set of digital files. Both sources will be connected to the Burson Audio Soloist SL MK2 headphone preamplifier, where both sources (playing the same music) will be able to listen to them according to their taste. It will be listened to from Audeze LCD-3 magnetoplann headphones, which will bring light to the listening hall.

Me audiofil listen from phone? You can find the answer in the next exposition, where the Sony XPeria XZ and HTC 10 smartphones will be prepared, filled with music files. It will be listened to with Sony MDR-1A and Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series2 headphones. We will definitely not arm the connection of our own headphones.

Virtual reality in sound? The HP ENVY all-in-one design with Waves NX and a head tracker attached to the Philips Fidelio X2 headphones will be just a short walk away. The sensor senses the position of the listener’s head and transmits the space reproduced by the recording so that the listener receives the sound when moving the head in the same way as it would in a real environment (ie when moving the head, for example, the saxophone does not remain in the same place). To make the sounds as good as possible, we will use an external headphone amplifier with a D / A converter from Denon. (Note: Today, unfortunately, the sensor became angry, if we do not break it, let’s try to run the application at least in emergency mode with video tracking from the camera. Grind nm inches.)

How to arrange with a digital assistant? We are preparing for a series of videos about digital assistants Google Home and Amazon Alexa and the kind named will be present at the exhibition in the form of Amazon Echo Dot. Ask what you want, Alexa what he can do, answer.

Virtual reality without a cable? The kind of room will be a whole new virtual reality. You will be able to try out mainly non-game demos on the VR set HTC Vive, connected to the MSI VR One computer, which you can take into account whether. Its batteries will not last a full day all the day, while charging its function it will support the design of Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube. Those who do not have a headset on their heads will be able to view the same picture on a 65 Philips Philips TV with AmbiLight ambient light technology.

The second corner will be the new VR set Oculus Rift, which will be connected to the Acer Predator 21X notebook – the roughest gaming notebook with a 21 ″ curved display and two power supplies – just use the GTX1080 in SLI is no fun.

And to complete the menu, there will also be a PlayStation 4 and a PlaySation VR headset. And so that even those waiting for a headset can be seen, a Samsung LED TV with a game mode will be connected, which will pause what would disturb the processor from fast image processing – what is at stake, unlike film, is essential.

While in the first lounge you will meet (except for the hostesses Sandra and Adriana) the editors of cooperates on this exhibition.

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