Legends of Czechoslovak technology born in 1956

Kluzk Blank, bus code 706 RTO and freight truck Tatra 138 belong to the gold fund of Czechoslovak engineering. They were created at the same time, 60 years ago. And they were far from alone.

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II. exhibition of Czechoslovak engineering in Brno in 1956

In the wide field of transport technology, the year 1956 was rich in our prototypes of aircraft and motor vehicles from single-track and trucks, which eventually became famous legends. With many of them, the public could get acquainted with II. exhibition of Czechoslovak engineering in Brno, the predecessor of the International Engineering Fair, held since 1959.

Those future legends, born and first introduced in 1956, were as dark as a finger on two hands.

The aircraft was an all-metal two-seater glider Blank, he was even remembered by a few legendary Cimrmani in the performance of the same name, a treatise about a small medieval willow full of smoking soldiers in its cavities. This type of aircraft has been a representative of it since 1949, manufactured by the Trener series, it is also possible to argue about its rightful part in this sentence, but on the other hand first Zlin Z-226 T Trainer 6 He was responsible for the unprecedented boom of acrobatic summer in Czechoslovakia and was even used at international acrobatic competitions.

Literally, they took place in the field of single-track small-volume motor vehicles. Prototype scooters were presented in Brno ezeta a moped Stadium a Jawetta. In the course of the year, they received so much publicity in motoring and social magazines, and the socialist citizen, in the time of the fatal shortage of passenger cars, could see that at least a little was going for him.

That year, the Mladá Boleslav carmaker presented the first prototype of a roadster code 450, derived from code 440 called Spartak. The Roadster Code 450 and its modernized successor Felicia were literally a bomb in the history of domestic socialist automobile production.

The future public transport was represented in Brno by two different bus prototypes koda 706 RTO. Many consider it the most beautiful Czechoslovak bus ever. Designers in the high-altitude Karos thus acquired each other in the work of Josef Sodomka, who was soon born after his business with a new regime.

New types of trucks introduced Prague S5T a Tatra 138. After putting the wagon cars into operation, the first one became, if it is called so, an inconspicuous demeanor, while the other species became inconspicuous. Both were gradually produced in the safety of variants. And thanks to its 138 births in the world and the volume of work done, we can put Tatra at the very top of the legends mentioned here, starting 60 years ago.

An example of the most important of these types is located on the following pages, all of which are at least pictured in the twisted photo gallery.

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