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Vylo April 1 –

This year, Kadoron changed the time from winter to summer with an intensive commitment from experts in the field of psychology, mathematics and other arts. While some changes are trivial, others are financially and technically non-existent.

For most people, this year’s change of time from winter to summer was a matter of minutes. It was time to set the clock, watches, microwave ovens and booths an hour in advance. Newer devices can even do it on their own, and only I remind you so much that time has shifted.

But not all clocks can be moved with the slider or the knob. The star clock did not change with such a change. Summer is a relatively new invention, it prevailed in Czechoslovakia in 1979. One of the reasons for the later adoption of this global trend was the high level of complexity and complicated construction rights. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there is an unusually high incidence of sundials and other historical monuments that are not ready for summer.

msk slice are better not arabic, lpe se retuuj

The change of time is especially special, but even so, so don’t worry, laughs Jarmila tikov laughs. The mole gave an interview to him during the spelling of the drawing template. The sunny hours of the change in Litomyla were delayed by an hour compared to summer time, showing that they were tough and astronomical. Now thanks to her, the wall is right, drawn to twelve. In summer, the sun shines according to, and it is therefore important that the first clock shows the correct time.

Pezen sunny hours in Litomyla at summer time

According to the estimate of the Association for Summer Time, there are hundreds and thousands of sunny hours in the Czech Republic. Running and only because of the fact that psmomali and restaurtoi work sunny hours practically without stopping. It’s suddenly an unbelievable recommendation, from colleagues I know that it will go a week to grow up. The worst are Arabic slice, you probably retouch, honey, one of the restorers laughs (we do not publish his name, because he has an order so above his head). The name of the Association of European Watchmakers seems a bit strange to me, but thanks to that for a year to come. Owners who would not spend hours on the current time would, in addition to the first fine, also face charges of imprisonment, help to avoid, and will not be prevented from paying for a limited amount of time.

right mskch slic at sunny hours in Podbrady (Source: Instagram psmomalky Veronika Verzlkov)

But not all sundials have to go through the official office twice a year: The sundials, which are on private land, can be left without money, reassuring the owners of home solar dials Libue Dostlov from APL. In such a case, the European courts ruled that it would be a disproportionate cost that would make it impossible for economic, astronomical and educational activities in the area. Therefore, in the case of private sundials, it is sufficient for the owner of the pellets to be invalid during the summer months, or to attach to the dial a clear warning that the clock does not show the current time (you can download it in PDF format and print it).

On the contrary, the public sun clock must show the correct time all year round. According to EU regulations, they have a maximum of 47 hours for money (respectively 49 hours in the case of the transition from summer time to winter time). While in the Czech Republic most of the sunny hours fall within this limit without any problems, it is usually possible to paint both plaster and mortise – elsewhere, time is required to use tk technology. For example, Great Britain, which could not negotiate a regional exception for its best hours, spent more than two million pounds (approximately 63 million crowns) on professional money.


Twice a year it is necessary to adjust the famous Celtic clock Stonehenge in the south of England to show the first summer / winter time. The photo shows the real Stonehenge in a 1958 elm.

Pedit aces zobrazovae na letn ace vyaduje kolen

European regulations, which stipulate the obligation to ensure that your own (even on your land is displayed) time, show the current time, that you adhere to, or even think about it. The original ruling was supposed to concern only the first message, but this discrepancy was challenged in court. Now it has to be accurately displayed on all clocks and watches in public areas.

Duncan Clements z lond

Duncan Clements of London’s Pendulum of Mayfair Antique Clocks runs hundreds of ancient hours twice a year for summer time.

It is about consumer protection, according to the law of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. Given that the full harmonization of the time limits for the summer and in order to facilitate transport and connections cannot be achieved satisfactorily at the level of the Member States and can therefore be better achieved at the level of the Community, the Community may adopt measures in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity.

In practice, of course, the owner of the watch or the electronics retailer will first touch such a tool. Every year, shops have to hire part-timers who pass the certified three-hour knee of the Association of European Watchmakers. It’s not just about teaching young people how to set the time on watches, clocks and buds. It is necessary to compare the time on microwave ovens and cookers, because even these devices fall under the regulations on time, reminds Filip Doekal from AEHM.

Shops can b

Shops can be fined for money, to help, and not to mention the time in case if not all exposed hours of the device.

After derailment, the brigdnk spends another five or more hours gradually adjusting the current time. It is not enough to just set the time, it is also necessary to make an official notice of the time display from the winter time in two copies. At the same time, it is necessary to send an electronic document within 24 hours, recording the time spent on the given facility, containing a photograph of the given facility together with the native name of the hunter who provided the settings.

Estimates of non-profit times (data from March 2016)
Number of time displays Tendons + zznam Total (minutes)
Clock 354 092 1 + 3 1 416 368
Watches 560 299 2 + 3 2 801 495
Microwave oven 98 320 2 + 3 491 600
From the kuchysk spotebie 44 021 2 + 3 220 105
Video recording 800 10 + 3 10 400
Thermostats and boilers 3 285 5 + 3 26 280
Cars 45 762 5 + 3 366096
Last 43 211 4 + 3 302 477
Total 1 149 790 5 634 821

In the spring of 2016, only in the Czech Republic, one hundred thousand hunting hours were spent on the penitentiary chamber of sold time displays. For a qualified asomni (the required exam is in English and the high school diploma in geography), this means a debt of around 28 million crowns. In the EU as a whole, this represents thousands of new cities with a cadon of about a million euros.

Not all stores want to spend money to meet the right account. The crack of the watch seller Jan P. (he did not enter the full name and the editors respect his name), for example, the city set the exact time on each watch.


The salesman, Jan P., will notice the talent with the watch and avoid fines.

The talent was provided with a sign, which is based on a change in the exception for the operator of the sundial. I mean, I complied with the spirit of the law. I have about three hundred watches in store. When the inspection comes, let them know that at least one watch at a time shows plus or minus the exact time.

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