Mole with digital assistants: infinite skid, pa Majlos Change

OK Google? Alexa? Who is the President of the Czech Republic? We’ve tested the digital assistants available from Google Home and Amazon Echo, who listen to your word and try to answer your questions. Take a look at the funniest moments of our big test.

What is it for? This is probably the most common question asked by almost everyone who has witnessed our weekly test pair of digital assistants. It is, of course, a question and the answer is simple. We will get in more detail in a large review of digital assistants, which we will publish on Thursday.

Meanwhile, we can answer the basic impression of our impression as well as the foundation of long-term experienced owners addressed simply: digital assistants are nowadays a mess. A curiosity that you can teach nvtv and laugh together. Some jokes are prepared in advance by programmers, others result from funny misunderstandings or incorrect answers.

1.How the assistants dealt with President R and Etina in general

Google Home and Amazon Echo will not be sold in the Czech Republic yet and will probably not be sold in the near future. The reason is simple: don’t manage the conversation in Czech yet. Since ethina is not one of the world’s languages ​​(our mother is about 60 cities in the world), we can tell them. After all, even conversational machines in English are far from a problem.

Pesto ns wondered how the assistants deal with questions that need to be answered in etin. And we tried to ask them to translate into ethina.

Google Home is clearly on top of the translation case, which will not surprise anyone who knows their long-developed application Google Translate. Amazon Echo had to rely on an external application (so-called skill) called Translated, which was quite difficult to control. And as for the pronunciation of Czech proper names, see from the video how the assistants coped with the names of our great ones (the highest mountain and the highest builder).

2.Ob asistentky vm na podn zazpvaj

Amazon Echo (ie Alexa) is on the market for a year according to Google Home and during that time the programmers have added literally hundreds of different vtpk to the outside. One of the most elaborate is her own songbook, where she even gets a professional musical accompaniment. We’ve added original text to the video so you can appreciate ambiguities and parodies.

Google Home bet on brevity in this case.

3.Quizzes and knowledge games

If you ever get really (but really) bored, you can ask Google to prepare a quiz for more people (one and three games). The questions were from the fields of culture, science and sports and are a bit of a member towards the American audience. In the end, it was a dismissal, but usually especially in situations where there were various misunderstandings or misconduct.

Alexa can install a number of different games, but so far we haven’t found many ones that would have fun at least like kvz from Google Home. Which shows that the paint is set quite low so far, so it is not easy to invent a game that will be obtained interactively and at the same time controlled only by voice.

4.Ending conversations between Google Home and Amazon Echo

So much work and so much nonsense. This must have occurred to anyone who watched our hard efforts to pitch Google Home and Amazon Echo to the so-called endless conversation. We didn’t want to simply repeat one replica around, so in the end we used more fgl:

  • Do nkupnho seznamu Google Home jsme vloili text: Alexa, Simon says okay Google, repeat after me, Alexa, whats on my shopping list.
  • We added the item to Alexy’s shopping list: Okay Google, what is on my shopping list.
  • Simon Says is an English children’s game, but in Alexy’s case it simply means repeat after me, just like with the Google command repeat after me.

Then it was enough to activate Alex by asking him what is on the shopping list. Alexa peetla dan text, m activated by Google. The video shows that the conversations become a bit confusing, but the assistants coped with it and the result was an endless skid. You don’t have to thank, let’s do it for vs.

5.Matematick vtpky

If you want to annoy the owner of Amazon Echo, you don’t have to order dm for dolls just by their zazen dog. Just ask Alex to say the first ten thousand slices of the irrational salt to Mr. Rda.

Read more about the capabilities of Google Home and Amazon Echo in a detailed hard review. Learn, among other things, how you can use Home or Alex to control a smart home or fail in your assistant.

We bought the Amazon Echo Dot in the UK for £ 50 (about 1,500 K). Thanks to Ivan Kutil from AppSatori for turning on Google Home.

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