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The fuselage of the TU-154M rode from the bird on Saturday night to the center and back road. Once an army plane with registration mark 1003 headed to Air Park in Zrui near Pilsen. In Kbelch, a load of hull and trunk took place in Kbelch, and on Saturday night he completed the first stage of the journey.

Three transport sets, two fighters and a bunch of volunteers around the Aviation Museum in Kunovice and the owner of the Air Park in Zrui near Pilsen, who bought the plane in December this year, came to see the bucket.


The entrance of the aircraft from the Brno Kbelsk warehouse after one o’clock in the morning on Saturday, December 17, 2016.

First, the volunteers had to load both parts of the center full, then two fighters lifted the hull, under which the low loader backed. They placed the plane on the supports and hooked it. In the afternoon, the outer part of the key, the center of the middle engine and the mechanization of the key were loaded.

Loading and transport are provided by the same people who are responsible for the Great Pellet of the TU-154M aircraft with registration 1016: volunteers around the Kunovice Museum and the Universal Transport and Jeby vestka companies. That’s why my whole run went quite smoothly.

At that time, sums up Martin Hrabec, head of the Aviation Museum in Kunovice. We started the Big Pellet at six o’clock in the morning and finished at eight in the evening, today we started at seven and finished that afternoon. We have made the most of the experience from the past.

Within two years and two days

The second TU-154M aircraft is ready for departure in exactly two years and two days after a group of volunteers around the Aviation Museum in Kunovice first touched both aircraft. Pepa Hajchel finishes with a surprise: Due to the fact that we are sticking together in dismantling and loading, we will be hard to break up for a year and load for hours, smile.

Tupolev set out on his last journey on Saturday one hour after full time from a Kbel flight. He fell on Velvary, Slan, evniov and Bochov. He arrived there on Saturday morning. During the day he will be weaned, on his way to travel again on Saturday at 9 p.m. He should arrive at the duty in Zrui near Pilsen on Sunday in the early morning hours.

Set with the fuselage in ptaosmdest tons, length fifty meters, to 4.80 meters and 5.30 meters. The total length of the column will be around 200 meters. The organizers therefore please meet them on the road to facilitate the passage. If you reach us from behind, you can’t stand it due to the length of the convoy, it still won’t work. If, in the opposite direction, park your vehicles as much as possible on the curb.

It's Saturday

Saturday non-transport stage: Kbely-Bochov.

The plane was threatened with a trip to the company

It was not clear for a long time about the fate of the registration with registration 1003, which was originally supposed to go to Olomouc. Volunteers around the Kunovice Museum dismantled them in parallel with the dismantling of the Nagano Tupolev Reg. 1016 and in addition for the aircraft rotated a new home.

Under time pressure, the agreement on the use of the area for the Kbel flying provided that the aircraft would have to be live by the end of 2016. We wanted to keep the bundle, because the representatives of the Ministry of Defense R, AHNM and the command of the 24th Air Force Air Force Prague-Kbely were willing to pour it out in the past with the postponement of the term, for which we are very grateful, Hrabec said.

During the summer of 2016, the Kunovice Museum held talks with several recipients from the Czech Republic and abroad. In the autumn, however, the situation was without a clear result and did not reach the date of signing the draft agreement. In this situation, there was a danger that the aircraft could end up in the company.

Literally at the last moment in 2016, the owner of the Air Park in Zrui near Pilsen, Karel and Milo Tarantek came into play. From June, they began to cooperate intensively on dismantling and also shared costs. Therefore, at the end of December 2016, the member meeting of the Slovak Aeroclub Kunovice (under which the Aviation Museum in Kunovice falls) therefore unanimously approved the sale of the aircraft on the back. Tarantko was basically rescued by Martin Hrabec. If it weren’t for them, we would be able to place them in the city.

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