Small or big? We tried two full LTE routers

Insert the operator’s SIM card into them, start them and they will create a Wi-Fi network that mediates mobile data connected to those laptops, tablets and other devices that were not included in the LTE / 4G modem. We tried two LTE routers – one handheld, the other desktop.

There are places where you only need the internet twice, so you don’t want to pay for a fixed internet connection all year round. Not only in such cities, the use of high-speed mobile data can be a reasonable alternative. In conjunction with LTE routers, they can offer similar comfort as a fixed connection. You only need to pay attention to the amount of data available so that you do not exhaust the entire limit and are not connected. Most operators offer data packages up to 30 GB, which is at work, both surfing and outdoor streaming multimedia, but for example, when downloading a movie and games, the remaining data may disappear like just over the pot. Nronj can be considered for special packages from T-Mobile with a limit of 40 GB or 100 GB per msc.

We tested routers both in Prague and in a village in the Czech Republic. In both cases, they gained speeds that not only enabled comfortable work and surfing the Internet, the trouble-free use of online services, and even music streaming in Spotify and Tidal, but thus the trouble-free viewing program in HD quality on Netflix.

We tested both routers with an LTE card from O2. We have speeds in wi-fi psi 2.4 and 5 GHz. The former always offers lower speeds, but you reach through a fixed range and vice versa, in the 5 GHz band, you have speeds and reach. And this brings us to the first specificities of the tested routers – both can handle both fonts. And here’s the first difference: while the ZyXEL LTE4506-M606 desktop manages to send space at once, the TP-Link M7350 pocket always only one or the other.

Different speeds, different equipment

First of all, good at first: both routers will deal with many LTE psms used in the Czech Republic, and both will manage both LTE and slow data standards 3G and 2G. While the TP-Link pocket offers LTE Category 4 with maximum transfer speeds of 150/50 Mbit / s, the ZyXEL desktop offers LTE Category 6 with speeds of 300/50 Mbit / s.

TP-Link M7350 is a portable router. On the one hand, it is small, and on the other hand, it contains a blood-replaceable battery, and it can also be easily attached even when moving. The monochrome display is easy to set up, and during operation it also shows a substantial signal, battery status, current baud rate and thus the amount of data transferred. You can control it via the web interface and the tpMiFi mobile application.

Router od TP-Linku m

The router from TP-Link can also be controlled by the application via a web interface. The shared file on the SD card works very long.

In the router you will also find a slot for installation and a 32GB microSD card, which you can use to transfer and share data between connected devices. Tch me be connected at once and ten. You can access the data on the microSD card from the tpMiFi application, here only the downloaded file from the card to the phone worked on the bag (on the Sony Xperia Z5), it was not possible to select the file to be sent. Another variant is any file manager, it worked reliably here. We recorded 100 MB with 2.4GHz wi-fi for 76 seconds, on the contrary, we downloaded 40 seconds, which we consider to be very good.

ZyXEL LTE4506-M606 is a large and paradoxically built-in battery. You can power it from a bundled owl source or a microUSB cable from a power bank. The only condition is its at least 1.5A input (which today meets all but the cheapest and advertising). The error display, status and function are signaled by three LEDs – the presence of a strong mobile signal, a functional data connection and active Wi-Fi. You can turn off Wi-Fi by pressing the button (actually the entire top wall) and then connect it with a 1 GBit Ethernet RJ-45 port to the back wall. A long press on the upper button activates the WPS to add a new Wi-Fi device.

The router from ZyXEL can be controlled

The router from ZyXEL can be controlled via a web interface. The absence of a wall display is balanced by the possibility of notifying that the data limit has been exhausted.

You can’t set the mobile application on the router, you can set it up through a clear web interface, the options are quite wide. SD card slot error, also sdlen data waste. I can connect to the router at the same time and 32 devices.

You will find the data and passwords for the factory settings of Wi-Fi directly on the routers, on the TP-line on the inside of the battery cover, on the bottom of the ZyXEL. The initial start-up and connection to the Internet will thus do without any configuration.

Vt or men?

How routers differ from each other in functional and equipment, we appreciate it, and the richness of the offer is still an attractive model of TP-Link, although the impossibility of simultaneous operation of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can be a major problem. How, then, in operation if vkonov?

The difference in the speed of mobile data transfer is not large and primarily depends on the load of the network. While in the village we had a downlink around 30 – 40 Mbit / s, in Prague 8 it was around 10 Mbit / s. The uplink was in both cases around 20 Mbit / s. In the same situations, ZyXEL used to be a bit faster, the difference was around 15%.

Even in terms of wi-fi range, ZyXEL was a bit better, in the body and therefore the large antennas were known. Within the one room, both worked without problems, in the coverage of the adjoining rooms, the ZyXEL was a bit slower. On the other hand, TP-Link is very easy to carry into a room, so you don’t have to do that much. This only applies to ZyXEL when powered from a power bank, we tried the starm 10,000mAh model and the router worked all day, without even discharging the power bank completely.

We did not have the battery power at TP-Link (and the speed of power bank depletion at ZyXEL) exactly, because it is affected by many factors, especially the strength of the mobile signal and data transmission. TP-Link will launch a ten-hour drill, and we estimate that the battery will last for about eight hours of normal operation. Of course, you can also connect a power bank to the TP-Link.


If you want to connect to a city without a wired internet and use several devices at the highest available speed, then the ZyXEL LTE4506-M606 is a trouble-free and fully functional option. If you still have a hotspot that can be used anywhere and use the shared file between devices, then don’t make a mistake with the TP-Link M7350.

TP-Link M7350 for 3,150 crowns, ZyXEL LTE4506-M606 for 4,990 crowns for sale, or for 3,480 crowns from O2.

Update 7.12 .: We have added info about T-Mobile packages with a data limit of 40 and 100 GB.

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