The end of selfie: personal robotic paparazzi for everyone. It should be 20 minutes

You won’t have to think about who takes pictures from where and in your outdoor pieces. The automatic helicopter will find vs and then where to step, jump and downhill. Throw also as a replacement tripod for impressive groups of photos in prod. However, the first version went through flies typical of the development version.

Until recently, stable collection from the air was the bet of professionals with three spreads. Sports videos of adrenaline sports made an unrealistic impression. In recent years, however, long-range helicopters have become significantly cheaper, GoPro cameras have become the standard not only for acne shooting, and the market is flooded with quadcopters. The robotic drone, which will spin the air and automatically film what is needed, was therefore the inevitable next step. (Updates: The project ends in the end, more at the end of the line)


The tracker is in your pocket, blow up the drone and you can show off. Lily watches the movement from a safe distance and dr vs in the gun.

One of the newest – and most important – experiments – is the American drone Lily. His Californian designer Antoine Balaresque u received from the investor more than a million dollars. The futuristic way of filming is offered for pre-order for $ 500 (+ reward).

Simple pad, round wheel


The device is mounted on a bracelet in a waterproof case.

All you have to do is blow up the helicopter, put on your bracelet and set off. The robot automatically strikes a person with a bracelet in the weapon and, according to the controls (built into the bracelet), selects the weapon from the back, front, circle around, etc. The robot maintains a safe distance from people and the ground. It is a maximum of about thirty meters and should not be found anywhere in the hot air.

The Lily helicopter is so durable and waterproof, so outdoor enthusiasts don’t have to drown it. According to the parameters and video, it is very compact. Especially unsuitable at first glance, a short mdr vdr battery – only 20 minutes. That’s a bit more, don’t offer competition, but Lily doesn’t allow you to replace the battery (for water resistance) and there is still quite a bit of time to shoot. If a professional decides to hire Lily, he will especially travel with a portable charger (which means long rags) or buy a helicopter straight away.

Editors of the British The Guardian with the founder of his automatic paparazzi try out in Central Park, New York. Will I look at the collections as long as the people from the promo video? I will never know because the video failed to load, I know editor Sam Thielman. The drone had a number of pots, and Antoine Balaresque (founder) had to give complicated rights to it to work. The drone slipped a few times, writhed, confused by the GPS unit. And so both worked quite well. If Balaresque wants to sell these drones, they will have to work flawlessly after the people take them out of the box.

Ease of use will be at the game for $ 500 total. Especially since it finds its main use in outdoor enthusiasts in a picturesque wild prod. And they will not in the middle of snowboarding tricks or sjdn wild water want to disassemble the drone and configure the settings.

Update: And how did it turn out?

Although the project gained enough funding, in the end it did not get a functional model on the market and ended in failure. Jet in December 2016, the creators promised that the drones would be delivered during the 2017 arrest.

Lily (Twitter)@lily
12. december 2016 at 21:23, pspvek archivovn: 15.bezna 2017 at 16:20

We expect to deliver US orders later this month until early 2017 and international orders later in 2017. @Danbenedit

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The company Lily Robotics was given a letter, which is a bad omen.

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